Buffalohair: Burma Celebrates New Years by Launching Air Strikes on Kachin Civilians in Laiza

Burma Celebrates New Years by Launching Air Strikes on Kachin Civilians in Laiza

jinghpaw1In Time Square, they dropped the ball for New Years. In Burma, they dropped bombs for New Years. Call it Than Shwe’s gift to the ethnic Kachin People (Jinghpaw) on this New Years Day as he stepped up military operations with renewed air strikes by attack helicopters and jet fighters. Civilians in the Laiza area were forced to dig bomb shelters as *Burmese Government forces destroyed infrastructure, civilian & military targets in clear violation of International Law as well as mandates issued by the UN. Guess those international laws only apply when convenient and profitable. And where is the western media, asleep at the wheel again but its not the first time they deliberately ignored the Kachin People.It is unfortunate to note the media as a whole are owned by multinational corporations who are also eager to exploit Kachin States natural resources as Than Shwe. So it does not come as a surprise as Burma continues its exercise in eugenics by systematically murdering countless human beings in broad daylight in the face of the western world and their strategically ambivalent leadership. Should the media be held accountable for masking genocide in an effort to assist their parent companies? After all, they do have Kachin blood on their hands as thousands of Internally Displaced People (IDP) begins to die from starvation and exposure. Should they also be held culpable for the ongoing rapes and tortures of civilians as well? It is time to take down names and identify organizations for future International Criminal Court proceedings or is that a sham as well? Do your homework and follow the money and you will learn corruption runs deeper than any conspiracy could have ever imagined. It is all about the money and that is the bottom line.The Kachin War was in full swing well over a year before the Burmese government instigated the feud between the Rohyinga and the Burmese while tossing in a religions theme to their dastardly deed. The corrupt media failed to report about the 100,000 Kachin IDP who fled advancing Burmese Troops that violated the original ceasefire then launched a murderous attack on farmers and villagers. The crisis in Kachinland also highlighted the fact President Their Sein is only a straw boss and Burma’s political arena is nothing more than a store front for international investors to sugar coat their involvement with the Junta.

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