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Little Running Deer on May 3rd, 2015

    Did you ever wonder what  people off World would notice about all of us on the planet Earth, in how we live our lives? Okay, Okay, so that is one on your conspiracy theories list! ‘No other life forms in the Universe!’   But do you notice World News? In the usa anyway? […]

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Torben Thøger BESTIL BILLET NU TIL OPEN MIND KONFERENCEN 19. – 20. SEPTEMBER Info på facebook siden Open Mind Conference – og på websiden her: Bestil billetter her:… Musikvideoen er min støttesang til Open Mind Conference. heart emoticon & ☮ Torben smile emoticon See Translation Torben Thoger: “A Choice to take a Chance […]

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    Within Vandana Shiva’s dedication to defending the natural world is a profound celebration of life. When we allow systems to sustain balance and wholeness, life truly can thrive. Below are some clips from an interview with THRIVE that never made it into the final cut of the film. In conjunction with World Health […]

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