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Little Running Deer on November 26th, 2015

Everybody in the Elite group?  Believed the Mork creatures lies! “Oh”…..  shaking in your boots …. “But he has power”!!!!!! Oh sure but very limited power. He needs people to be able to use that power.     Now these false g*ds are scared to death, for their time limit has run out! Oops!!!!!! So […]

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Little Running Deer on October 14th, 2015

              Buffalohair’s Wisdom of the Future /Thoughts About The Serious News.   Buffalohair : Clueless in the Age of Prophecy Buffalohair : Clueless in the Age of Prophecy Clueless in the Age of Prophecy  False Flag ‘Holy Wars’ fill the tabloid mainstream media front pages with half truths and lies while… Weebly […]

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A Sheep No More I wonder how many Americans are falling for his Bullsh*t.           They the parents think of him as a g*d ? They would allow this man g*d to rape their child? But these men murder the children they rape, the children are so torn up after so […]

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