Little Running Deer on May 17th, 2015

Story Structure Using Real Prophecies? Not Fairy Tales!   The Spirit In The Wind Group/ has moved to Two New Pages :          Welcome To Buffalohair’s Story Time, Oldies but Goodies Click on picture   Welcome to Spirit In The Wind!! / All Stories / Posts Index /            Buffalohair NativeVue Story Archives […]

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Little Running Deer on May 17th, 2015

I was over visiting my older Blog ‘ Redwood Forest at Word Press!’ Gads! The once just concern about a beautiful forest? That turned into a collection of News about this New World Odor of creepy sick freaks that rape, murder, babies , children and young women! To some space guy in a space ship […]

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The New World Order Is Keeping You Distracted!         Stay  An Independent Music Artist Or Independent Film Maker / Actor!  Don’t Go into the ‘New World Order’ Hollywood trick to get you into Mind Control selling and pushing  off the 1% Elites Rape/ Murdering Children/ Babies Religion on to the public! The […]

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