“Sovereign” Native Person Here On Turtle Island.

A Sheep No More I wonder how many Americans are falling for his Bullsh*t.           They the parents think of him as a g*d ? They would allow this man g*d to rape their child? But these men murder the children they rape, the children are so torn up after so […]

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The New World Order Is Keeping You Distracted!         Stay  An Independent Music Artist Or Independent Film Maker / Actor!  Don’t Go into the ‘New World Order’ Hollywood trick to get you into Mind Control selling and pushing  off the 1% Elites Rape/ Murdering Children/ Babies Religion on to the public! The […]

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  Sculpture thanking the Choctaw Nation in Cork. Photo by Irish Examiner. Quote: “In what is one of the most surprising and generous contributions to Irish famine relief, a group of Choctaw people gathered in Scullyville, Oklahoma, on March 23, 1847 to collect funds for the starving Irish people. They passed money collected onto a […]

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