Little Running Deer on November 22nd, 2015

    “Time of the Open Heart”. This song is a fusion of opera, musical and rock music which was written and produced in 2013…. Posted by Torben Thøger on Tuesday, November 24, 2015                                   Ah, it is harder and […]

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Little Running Deer on August 13th, 2015

The Story’s Ending Was There From The Beginning Of Time / Part 4 !  Story Structure Using Real Prophecies? Not Fairy Tales! The Spirit In The Wind Group/ has moved to Two New Pages : Welcome To Buffalohair’s Story Time, Oldies but Goodies Click on picture Welcome to Spirit In The Wind!! / All Stories […]

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Little Running Deer on October 10th, 2014

Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway Posted in Global News, Paranormal and Bump in the Night, Reflets Sombres with tags Aliens, corporatization, Corruption, elitists, evil, false gods, globalization, Mother Earth, Prophecies, Reality Check, Spirit World, Spirituality, Time of Change, truth, us news on October 10, 2014 by Buffalohair   The spirit world is likened to a […]

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