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Little Running Deer on June 29th, 2015

Yes, I did some editing as a video was shot down:(  We knew it would be.   Annie /  Jage  What we love and wish for, A Safe Haven! Along with the beautiful music! Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts (Piano/Cello Cover) – ThePianoGuys     But as this following video showed , we fell into a trap […]

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     Sorry about how long these posts have gotten:( These Elite Paedophile Rings want to murder off 90 % of the World Population? Humm, how about them just finishing off each other and rid the Earth of this crime on humanity, these vicious crimes against children!  

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Little Running Deer on August 29th, 2014

Food for thought! How ISIS Faked James Foley Beheading Video:     Egypt, we salute you        “False flag terrorism” is defined as a government attacking its own people, then blaming others in order to justify going to war against the people it blames. Other False Flags           […]

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