Buffalohair: THE GREEDY AND THE TREATY Nov 30, ’07 4:19 PM for everyone THE GREEDY AND THE TREATY   As we enter this holiday season it is hard to find joy when people are in the midst of struggle. The fact an Arizona auction house, (Allard Auctions, Mesa AZ.), could consider auctioning […]

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Little Running Deer on July 29th, 2015

Antonio Sanchez via Cultural Survival Mural of First Nations Women Bound and Gagged Sparks Outrage Indigenous women are outraged by a painting that was prominently displayed during a British Columbia town’s ‘Hospitality Days.’ They are stolen and put on the Boats / Ships , even today in 2015…/the-royal-cult-the…/       […]

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The New World Order Is Keeping You Distracted!         Stay  An Independent Music Artist Or Independent Film Maker / Actor!  Don’t Go into the ‘New World Order’ Hollywood trick to get you into Mind Control selling and pushing  off the 1% Elites Rape/ Murdering Children/ Babies Religion on to the public! The […]

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