Published on Feb 19, 2015 The question of ‘Who watches the watchmen” has been answered. We do. But what do we do after we watch the watchmen break the law? Twitter – Facebook – YouTube – timpool               Carlos TheZilla published an article […]

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  Quote: Jay Hollingsworth, John T. Williams Organizing Committee John T. Williams, center, with brothers Eric, left, and Rick, right, at Victor Steinbrueck Park near Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Rick and Eric had just convinced John to return with them to their ancestral home in Canada. Within hours after this photo was taken, John would […]

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 Did that get your attention? That would explain why they do not need Oxygen to breathe like us humans and our Earths fish, birds, bees and wild life do! Yes, even our pets and live stock:(  Maybe it even explains why they don’t seem to care for the Earths plant life. What kind of Planet […]

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