Re Cap: Ugly News But Pedophiles Must Be Stopped ! Part 14: Pedophile News: People Of TRUST? Not Any More!!!!!! Not Ever!

Ugly News But Pedophiles Must Be Stopped ! Part 14: Pedophile News: People Of TRUST? Not Any More!!!!!! Not Ever!


Investigating and Tracking Sexual Offenders

Check each State and then each Town/ City on the Internet for people’ Names on lists. Be Aware!











Teaching children not to accept candy, food or drink from anyone not family! Many have drugged children :(

Even women have been know to have had their drinks drugged:( Do not accept an opened drink in bottle or can or even in an open glass. Once drink container is opened do not leave it unattended or be distracted away from your drink! If you do , do not touch it when you return to it! Get a fresh unopened drink.



Self-Defense Classes
Parents Magazine





Oklahoma City Cop Daniel Holtzclaw Found Guilty Of Raping 13 Black Women – 267 years







This is part of their worship to their Satanic g*d’s . No joke! They rape, murder and then drink the children blood and the babies they cook and eat  for lunch at their churches kitchens in some cases:(  No, there have been News Paper Reports about this over in England! Research while you still have the Inter-Net! But warning they will try to stop you now! I don’t know why ? As all of this information has been hidden in plain sight for years! They even put it in Films, even Movies at times .




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It’s about time !

AJ+ added a new video: Canada Acknowledges Abuse to First Nations.

December 17 at 11:00am ·

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has officially recognized Canada’s historical abuses toward aboriginals, and he is now calling on the pope to apologize too.


But then under Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030  All Parents World Wide, will lose their children to the New World Order ! Wow huh?  !!!!!! Even you! Not about race or  how much money you have or even your loyalty to these self appointed leaders! Or even if you make their religion your own:( Nope, they did not have you in their plans :(

Children from a few days old to the age 25 will be taken away from all parents to be raised or used by the State! Right up to that small hand full of parents at the top, that will be allowed to be alive  when their plan is finalized.