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Little Running Deer on May 17th, 2015

Story Structure Using Real Prophecies? Not Fairy Tales!   The Spirit In The Wind Group/ has moved to Two New Pages :          Welcome To Buffalohair’s Story Time, Oldies but Goodies Click on picture   Welcome to Spirit In The Wind!! / All Stories / Posts Index /            Buffalohair NativeVue Story Archives […]

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Little Running Deer on May 17th, 2015

I was over visiting my older Blog ‘ Redwood Forest at Word Press!’ Gads! The once just concern about a beautiful forest? That turned into a collection of News about this New World Odor of creepy sick freaks that rape, murder, babies , children and young women! To some space guy in a space ship […]

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Little Running Deer on May 3rd, 2015

    Did you ever wonder what  people off World would notice about all of us on the planet Earth, in how we live our lives? Okay, Okay, so that is one on your conspiracy theories list! ‘No other life forms in the Universe!’   But do you notice World News? In the usa anyway? […]

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