Charles Littleleaf Native American Flutes

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Charles Littleleaf Native American Flutes
Dear friends,

This video is from the first song for my proposed CD, ‘Essence of Life’, with the help of so many of you who are helping to support my work at GoFundMe campaign. ( I am so deeply grateful to all of you who offer such encouragement during a time when I am unable to do it all, myself. Saying thank you will just never be enough to express my gratitude, but please know how much this means to me. This upcoming album will not be mine. It will be for all of you.

The story of ‘Essence of Life’ was given to me by an old Grandfather cedar tree, along with a story about transformation. It is the story of the butterfly and how it resembles the Circle of Life for human beings as they complete their own life-circle here on earth.

We humans are in the caterpillar stage of life. We complete this first stage of experiencing all that we can on earth. Just like the caterpillar as it travels from branch to branch, leaf to leaf, it eats and grows.

It isn’t long before the caterpillar changes and goes into a cocoon. We humans leave our physical body behind and enter the spirit world. It is a great place of learning many important things which will prepare us for the third sacred step.

Then, soon, the caterpillar leaves the cocoon but finds that it is no longer a caterpillar. It is now a beautiful butterfly who spreads its new wings and flies away – into ultimate freedom. We, on the other hand, leave the spirit world and enter the sacred world of the soul … the essence of our being … and fly to 8 places beyond our comprehension, through the stars, as we travel back home.

This is the ‘Essence of Life’.

Enjoy, my friends, and thank you once again for your encouragement and support.