What Have You Given Your Children? / What Did You Borrow From Them? The Future:(

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As a parent, are you adequately preparing your child to be successful in the New World Order? The NWO is here, there is no denying it. Are your children ready? If not, you might want to read this….








What Are We Leaving Our Children?

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Dave Hodges

October 5, 2013

The Common Sense Show


The Amen g*d idol of  The New World Order, Besides having their g*d the space ship owner Mork!





Four years ago when this picture was taken of my son and myself, I still held out hope that the alternative media could rescue this country from the tyrants that have hijacked our government. I had this picture made into a poster where it is now displayed just outside my office where I write and broadcast. The picture formerly symbolized the hope that I held out for the next generation. Today, this picture represents what has been lost and what may never be recovered. It also serves as a reminder of my parental responsibility to adequately prepare my son for what lies ahead as he prepares to become an unwilling citizen in the New World Order.