Wind Power Always Running Day Or Night To Help Make Water From The Air? Or Solar?





Wind turbine to harvest energy and water from desert air…/22204/

Apr 18, 2012 – A new wind turbine generates the energy necessary to condense water If this machine can extract water from the really dry air in deserts, ….. The eye-catching Water Building resort will use solar and air power to make clean



“We’ve all seen ice cold glasses and bottles dripping with condensation after cooling water vapor in the air, and though grabbing water out of thin air is not new,…..”



“Once the water is collected, it is filtered and sent to stainless steel tanks for storage – simple as that. Apparently, the units are so durably built that, with routine maintenance, it’s estimated they’ll last up to 30 years. In areas where sun abounds but the winds are unreliable, Eole has also designed the WMS-30kW Solar Panel to drive the condensation/filtration equipment. For the millions living in or adjacent to deserts and drought-prone areas around the world, that’s welcome news, indeed.”













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How long will that little  blue globe/or small ball of salt mixed water last ? As  man plays his greedy power/ rape Mother Earth games? Will Spirit Bear a Reminder of the ice age and  maybe the other white animals deaths? Bring back the Ice Age to stop man and make water once again, just so Mother Earth herself will survive? Brrrrrrr With earth shifting so much, going under ground does not sound too ideal. No wonder the wealthy want to head for outer Space? Not just to get out of the way of Good and Evil Spirits having their final War. Which a few humans stepped into or between a few times and got killed it seems? Yes, Ice Age I said!









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For decades, scientists have proposed that the planet may once have been a “Snowball Earth,” and new research suggests oceans could have churned underneath an ice-covered Earth, potentially helping to provide life with vital nutrients.

















Earth Tribe – Activist News

US and the World – 30 facts you need to know about the coming water crisis that will change the lives of not only people in the US but around the world – (Thanks Generation Alpha for the alert to this story)




























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