For The Children/ For Mother Earth/ For Support of Your First Nations










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RoundDance FlashMobs happening EVERYWHERE in support of your First Nations brothers and sisters Dec 31, 2012 ACTOR ADAM BEACH MEETS WITH CHIEF THERESA SPENCE./ COLE BURSTON-THE CANADIAN PRESS

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Chief Spence’s Teepee. Awaiting MP’S and Media. Monumental time in our shared history.


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Theresa Spence meets ex-PM Joe Clark, members of parliament | Canadian Politics

A visibly weak Chief Theresa Spence made a brief appearance on Sunday — in Day 20 of








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Photo: Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence faces the media Sunday afternoon.


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Weakening Attawapiskat Chief Spence issues ‘call to arms’

By Jorge Barrera APTN National News OTTAWA–A weakening Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, now into day 20 of her hunger strike, issued a “call to arms







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IdleNoMore Toronto Flash Mob Takes Over Eaton Centre -AERIAL VIEW

AERIAL VIEW FROM TORONTO TODAY! December 30, 2012 #Idle No More





















Idle No More Round Dance Mall of America

in Support of Chief Theresa Spence!























#IdleNoMore …. Vancouver, BC, CAN .. Dec 23rd 2012

“Immigrants in Support of Indigenous Rights. Un-ceded Coast Salish Territories.

Anti-colonial resistance and solidarity!”



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TORONTO TODAY! #Idle No More Round Dance FlashMob Took Place at the Eaton Center Mall In Toronto Today supporting Chief Theresa Spence and First Nations

Watch The LiveStream Video -Idle No More at Eaton Centre, Toronto, Canada >http://civi…See More

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An international movement spread to the metro today as more than a hundred Native protestors gathered in Bricktown for the first “Idle No More” protest.

Tune in to the Fox 25 News at 9 p.m. for the rest of the story.


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The vast majority of republican policies are based on Profiteering.. “Deregulation” will allow corporations & the wealthy fleece the country unrestrained.. “Privatization” means your every need will be controlled by them.. Mail Service, Schools, Emergency Services etcetera.. Placing enormous power in the hands of the 1%.. Rendering the government & elections almost a moot point.. Their constant chest pounding is not about a “Strong Military”.. It’s because war & military contracts are sources of great income for them.. The fact is.. The true “Welfare Kings & Queens” are Corporations & the Wealthy.. The amount of government contracts, subsidies, loans, bailouts, & handouts that go to the upper crust dwarfs the funds that go to help those who struggle for basic needs.. And they have become so arrogant that they no longer attempt to conceal it.. Even now some Republicans in congress are willing to take the country over a fiscal cliff unless the rich get their tax cuts.. And They still openly fight to keep giving over 4.5 Billion to the Oil companies.. Even as those same Oil companies are raking in the largest Profits in their histories.. Think about that the next time you stop for gas.. These people have no empathy or respect for anyone who is not them.. And quite frankly.. If you still support them.. Why should they…