Okay This Would Explain How Mother Earth Can Heal Herself ? If Left Alone! Now How Does She Get Rid Of The Bilderberg Group For A Master Race?

No, this is not placed here so you can run out to join groups!

It is meant to help you stop and think!

This shows how the Bilderberg Group so in awe of this information started making these Space Beings their G*ds.

Instead of the Real Creator.

The 1% will be getting rid of their very own members, yes the very rich, to be the only King of the Mountain or The World. That is how greed of power works. They do not want to share!

So it is not wise to try and join them! They would still kill you off! They are not your friend nor will they share their wealth with you! Once they are done with you, even if you are rich, they will get rid of you.

So It is safer and better to join with the 99 % and work together to stop their killing off the planet.

This is meant to help you stop and think! How much do you want to help Mother Earth and her people? How Spiritual are you?


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Apr 5, 2012 – Uploaded by ThriveMovement

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