Chemtrails poison our skies? Yes or No?



a link via Torben Thoger.
Have you seen my friend Matt Wedel-Ibsen’s created the case at Ekstra Bladet vedr. chemtrails? There are now 863,872 support at just over3weeks! It can be even better with your voice! When there are 25,000 supporters, the case on the front page of EB and those responsible will be confronted and asked a hopefully truthful explanation. And then it just stopped! (Translated by Bing)

Hvad indeholder de hvide striber på himlen ?
Der er efterhånden mange beviser på, at de hvide striber efter fly på himlen har negativ betydning for både miljø og…










shared Michael Murphy Tmp’s photo.






shared George Traves‘s photo. Just a normal contrail ? Since when do planes fly across an ocean and then change course and go back the same way they came from ??? Still think its bullshit ??? WAKE UP !! LOOK UP !!!
Photo: Just a normal contrail ?  Since when do planes fly across an ocean and then change course and go back the same way they came from ???   Still think its bullshit ???  WAKE UP !! LOOK UP !!!





Bye Bye Blue Skies! An original song and video about the insidious USA/NATO project to spray the world atmosphere with 90 million metric tons of highly toxic cocktail of nano sized metallic particles.





Journey West, going back home across the USA for a visit We noticed the skies were layered with clouds with strips crossing each other. I have a number of photos of this. lol Every photo I have of that trip, are covered with these layers. I missed the beautiful clear blues skies as I remembered them.

Then today I noticed that even in Spain right now in 2012 it is still happening! Yes, it is happening around the World!

I thank Torban Thoger for sharing with us here at Buffalohair-Jage Press!



Torben Thoger shared Chemtrails, Altea (Alicante), Spain, March 23, 2012.

Chemtrails, Altea (Alicante), Spain, March 23, 2012


Torben Thoger

Here the skies are blue, very blue, normally, but some days flights spray their poison the entire day, – like today. These photos were taken today March 23rd, 2012 from our terrace near Altea in the province of Alicante. See for yourself what our governments do to harm us, and this is done throughout the world. Check out the photo where you can easily see the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail.

CHEMTRAILS have been shown to contain chemical toxins such as aluminum and barium compounds as well as biological materials, such as red blood cells and bacteria. CONTRAILS, or condensation trails, are streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by an airplane or rocket at high altitudes.

Torben Thoger – Welcome

Danish composer, artist and filmmaker Torben Thoger enjoys international success with his beautiful and powerful new age music and his films. As a filmmaker he produces documentaries, corporate films and music videos.



I noticed I had saved some video about this subject along with a NOVA PBS highlight on the Dimming Sun. So I am sharing those in this post.

I also checked with WikiMediaCommons to see what they had and found many had shared Photos of the Chemtrails also.



  1. NOVA | Dimming the Sun | PBS // Current

    Aug 24, 2009
    Dimming the Sun homepage Are vapor trails from aircraft influencing the climate, and if so, should we worry? I’ve always wanted to hate

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed. By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white…


  1. More videos for youtube jet pilot films spraying chemtrails »
  2. Pilot Films Jet Spraying Chemtrails Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a

    Jul 26, 2010 – Pilot Films Jet Spraying Chemtrails You Tube July 26, 2010. A pilot shoots a chemical plane from his cockpit: the video shows an aircraft that 




    They are Playing g*ds of the skies now?

    A Rothschild Speaks – Listen Closely

    Investigating the Weather?


    Rothschild Weather – AccuWeather Forecast for WI 54474…/weather…/34151…

    Get the Rothschild weather forecast. Access hourly, 10 day and 15 day forecasts along with up to the minute reports and videos for Rothschild,






    Rothschild Weather Forecasts | Maps | News – Yahoo! Weather…/rothschild-2485095/

    Get five and ten days Rothschild weather forecast, temperatures, satellite maps .







    • January 31, 2011, 2:40 PM

    Even the Rothschilds Are Weather Obsessed












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  1. Skull

    Cry Die video!!!

    Here’s the link for my video, Cry Die.

    “Cry Die”

    Written by J. Wong, S. Cho, T. Jacobo

    I look up to di sky
    Can you tell me why!
    I don’t want to see you cry
    I just wanna see your smile (baby)

    I look up to di sky
    Can you tell me why!
    I don’t want to see you die
    I just wanna see your smile (baby)

    Mi look up inna di sky me can’t see clear
    Blue skys a gone and white lines appear
    Dem seh it’s natural
    Mi naw believe dem!
    Dem seh it’s vital
    Mi naw listen to dem!

    “Something’s strange is going on”
    “Feel it in my heart, sensing something strong”
    “Gotta save the future (put the rumors to rest)”
    “Gotta help the children (Gotta) Give it out best”
    “Can’t stand around and be blind to the facts”
    “Can’t tek no more, how can we relax”

    I look up to di sky
    Can you tell me why!
    I don’t want to see you cry
    I just wanna see your smile (baby)

    Living on earth
    We must respect di earth
    Human and animal
    We all deserve
    The right to peace and opportunity
    But nowadays, we’re blind – we can’t see
    Hidden agendas, but we can’t surrender
    Our children di future – we must remember!

    Whoa! “Don’t know what’s going on…”
    Yeah! “Let’s all defend dis earth”
    Whoa! “Don’t know what’s going on…”
    Tell dem! “We’re here to defend di earth”

    We want the truth…give us the truth!
    We want the truth…gotta save our youth!
    We want the truth…give us the truth
    Unite as one to bring out the proof!
    Living on earth
    We must respect di earth
    Human and animal
    We all deserve
    The right to peace and opportunity
    But nowadays, we’re blind – we can’t see
    Hidden agendas, we can’t surrender
    Our children our di future – we must remember!

  2. Some religions do not care for the begining of this film.

    Big Companies do not like what the film shows about what has happened to Mother Earth being raped.

    Others do not like showing the wrongs against human kind / Human Rights issues.

    At the end of the film they have great hopes for Mother Earth coming back to her beauty once again, as people learn how to properly care for her.That was the whole idea of the film to make people Care and want to change and save the Earth.

    So it stirs up all kinds of feelings. But the Photography is beautiful!

    HOME – A Documentary About Our Home Mother Earth shared a link.
    March 5

    We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the cata…

    These Photo Films of Earth are amazing. I know there is one coming out soon in 2012 called The Frozen Planet that will be another amazing film.

  3. News for alzheimer’s

    Dementia’s youngest victims often defy stereotypes
    the 49-year-old never thought the disease would affect someone her age.

    The first clues surfaced around five years ago, when she was 44. She’d forget to pick up her grandchildren at school or plans she made with her husband. She wrote down the wrong medication dosage for a patient. “I have no idea what’s going on,” she remembered telling her doctor.

    Watson-Beard says she was diagnosed two or three years ago; she has trouble remembering the exact time. Forgetfulness was one of her first symptoms; her husband would ask if she was ready to leave and she’d have no recollection they made plans. She became less socially conscious, hanging up abruptly with her boss in the middle of a conversation she thought was finished.

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    USA TODAY‎ – 16 hours ago
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    God stays beside us, even in the face of Alzheimer’s disease
    Chicago Tribune‎ – 5 hours ago
    New Alzheimer’s pill more likely to cause misery, medical experts say
    Los Angeles Times‎ – 1 day ago

  4. GMO making seeds that can block out aluminum? Hummmmmm
    That is all that is left for food just GMO foods? Hummmmm That was the thoughts on the Hawaiian Islands. As they are sprayed from two sides and the winds blow it in over the Islands. The trees are losing their bark on the fruit / nut trees. It is getting soft and falls off the trees. There has been a war there over GMOs!!!! So of course that would come into everyones minds. Who else would attack their beautiful Islands that would kill their Natural Native Foods there, what could be the reason other wise?

    I find that Sites block films like these and also the film Home, the French Film showing the Earth today! Oh they hate these films!

    Why? What is it they don’t want people to know or see? One site says it causes riots and uprising for Human rights?

  5. Aluminium – (Al) – Chemical properties, Health and Envrionmental … › Periodic table › Elements
    chemical properties, health and environmental effects of aluminum. … Aluminum may accumulate in plants and cause health problems for animals that … There are strong indications that aluminum can damage the roots of trees when it is …

    Effects of Acid Rain – Forests | Acid Rain | US EPA
    In extreme cases, individual trees or entire areas of the forest simply die off … of substances that are toxic to trees and plants, such as aluminum, into the soil.

  6. Forest Wild Fires are worse with this coating falling on the trees, makes hotter fires!

    Trees dying from this stuff from the skies?

    Hummmmm yes, we do have Photographs of the Earth taken from Space!
    Notice the Deforestation ………………. I will add that to this post.

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