Is This For Real? This Story Almost Seems Fake!

Dani JohnsonAOL


“Pregnant, Homeless … Now a Millionaire

Dani had a tough start — she was raised on welfare, pregnant at 17 and homeless at 21 — but she became a millionaire by age 23.”

“Dani Johnsonisan entrepreneur, author and mom who was featured on the ABC program Secret Millionaire. Raised on welfare, pregnant at 17 and homeless at 21, Johnson became a millionaire at 23. She talks about overcoming economic hardship and raising money-smart kids.”

How to pull yourself out of a financial mess

Ah, where are the details? This is sort of a dead end story? Homeless at 21,Millionaire at 23? Zoom just like that? A Business Out of the trunk of her car and using a phone booth? That fast? Let me research this one a bit!

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