In Telling the Truth In The Worlds News! Telling the Real Stories of the Peoples World Wide! Helping to Stop the Rape and Murders of Children to a false g*d in s-x Cult Worship rites. Yes, You have the power in your hands to do good on this Earth!



M in F organs standing at their three Empire Cities is part of their worship to their false g*d Amen-Rah:( Very Sick! Very , Very sick people! They want to be our leaders of the World? Well, they want to murder off 90 % of us and just have robot workers to rule over really! New World Odor, sigh……





And The Walls Came Tumbling Down!

Sorry but it looks like their mother ship is falling apart from the top! They should have not have used the children or women of the Tribes Nations of Mother Earth in their different s-x rituals to their g*d Amen Rah !




Just in Reporting / telling the Truth!

Ruling s-x criminals pedofiles try to stop

you In Reporting the News?


Child Sacrifice Ritual stopped, and Pope Francis set to resign
VIDEO – Kevin Annett: ITCCS takes down Satanic child sacrifice. Exposes Cargill, Sinclair Oil execs, Montreal Bishop & McGill University. Even some Police in Canada helped  these Satanic members to hide the children that were to be murdered that night :(  

The Court’s Permanent Commission of Inquiry will commence its work on September 1, 2014 by expanding the investigation into global child trafficking and sacrifice beyond the Roman Catholic Church in order to prosecute the criminal, financial and corporate associates of the church and their joint role in trading and murdering children. These corporations will include the Cargill corporation, Sinclair Oil, HSBC, and the Cameco Uranium corporation, along with the criminal syndicate known as Ndrangheta.

The Court has ascertained that its exposure of the Ninth Circle cult operation in Montreal is directly responsible for the recent public remarks of the convicted felon Pope Francis – Jorge Bergoglio that he “may be dead within two or three years” and may resign from his office. The Court also believes that the same exposure accounts for today’s sudden death of three of Pope Francis’ relatives in Argentina. Sources within Ndrangheta, Italy’s huge criminal syndicate that provides children for Ninth Circle sacrificial rituals, state that its leaders are directly pressuring the Vatican to silence or depose Pope Francis in the wake of his criminal conviction and the Ninth Circle exposure in Montreal.

I, Kevin Annett, have been immediately summoned to Brussels for consultations and to receive extra security protection in the wake of new threats made against my life by Ndrangheta and its affiliates in Canada.These threats were communicated to the Court yesterday.


Ruling s-x criminals pedofiles are being caught! Royals Using children as animals to hunt down in the forests, for a Royal hunt! Shoot the running/hiding child down, slit their throats and drink their blood, then cut off the child’s private parts as the trophy.






  1. Obama and false queen want Vatican ‘s Money so Pope is being invited to the usa., ? Obama hears Vatican’s concerns over health care, invites Pope …
    … Mar 27 2014. Obama meets Pope Francis,  Obama invited the pope to visit the White House and gave Francis a symbolic gift of seeds of fruit and … you can come to the White House and you can see the garden,” Obama told Francis

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    The Popes said , ‘Oh we are sorry:(‘ and all is forgiven? Then they keep doing what they are doing?


 Do you really want to be Ruled by World

Ruling s-x criminals, pedofiles?


Little Running Deer on August 20th, 2014


Little Running Deer on August 19th, 2014

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Weather warfare is being waged on populations around the globe. For California, the climate engineers have elected to use unprecedented drought and heat to bring citizens to their knees. The situation in the West is far beyond catastrophic already and is getting worse by the day.

The Engineered Incineration Of California

Exposing the chemtrail-geoengineering coverup






World’s Worst Disasters Documentary BBC









Okay 1% So You Think You have Power over the Earth? You mess with Mother Earth , how will she clean up your mess?

Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future – What will happen to our world? – HD Full Documentary










Top Ten Natural Disasters