PBS’ ‘This Old House’ Expert Warns Water Prices Will …

PBS’ ‘This Old House’ Expert Warns Water Prices Will Skyrocket. … lush green lawns and all. Since 1978, This Old House … While Las Vegas is attempting to reduce …









Get Paid to Not Plant Grass – This Old House

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Park it inside an Earth-ship garage / inside a cardboard box that is wrapped in alum foil!


But in 300 mile an hour winds? Need to tuck it into a hollow !

“The first truly independent micro-home.”

You Can Take this Little Wind and Solar Powered Home Anywhere

If life in a future megacity isn’t for you, your hour of escape is fast approaching. Especially if you don’t mind living alone in a 14 x 7 x 7-foot pod. Well, what if I told…

gizmodo.com|By Maddie Stone










































































Free Energy!

The Doubt about Over Unity is Over








This program is free to watch but cost a lot to produce. We are a non-profit volunteer-powered organisation….

















Food Waste:

NPR story Quote:






In the old ways:  Tribes and Nations shared food / wild game with everybody, just as needed. So no spoilage!  Yes, they knew how to smoke and dry foods for a limited harvest season or a salmon run just for their family needs.






























Meet the GroundFridge. Modern day technology combined with a traditional root cellar to create a practical and beautiful well designed way to keep food fresh. Temperatures in the GroundFridge remain a cool 50 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, year round. The design is so simple, all you need is to dig a hole, place the unit in the ground and recover with earth. You can even plant a garden on the top and around the sides if you like the decorative landscape, and double the use by planting fruits and veggies.

















This is one of the first real-world design improvements on the old fashioned root cellar traditional farms used.


































www.public-domain-image.com (public domain image)

www.public-domain-image.com (public domain image)
































































































Traditional Northern Canvas Tipis

Canvas tipi (or teepee) tent lining made in the Northwest Territories Canada. These tents are not your novelty product, they are made to withstand the bone chilling arctic climate. Available a number of assorted sizes from 8 to 22 feet wide.

Product #

This tent is made with 10oz treated canvas that is both flame and mildew resistant. On the bottom of the canvas is a sod cloth barrier that hugs the ground to keep out cold drafts.

Manufactured at the Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas shop in the Northwest Territories.

If you are looking for a real authentic traditional tipi, you have come to the right place.

Note: tipi does not ship with poles.

Available in sizes ranging from 8′ to 22′ wide. Order your own traditional canvas tipi now!

Build your own custom canvas tipi and order online now, or directly from Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas.

Product Options

Price: from $432.81




































































Building Off the Grid (2014) – (TV Movie) – Full HD
































Out house with a floor and  enclosed seat bench , a cup of  lime powder  to dust the hole once a week?, to keep down odors!



Be sure to  dig the waste hole and Build away from your water source!






























Water! Boiled/ Filtered /



 Not a plastic bag?

























shared Wimp.com‘s photo.

Unique billboard technology makes safe drinking water out of air

Click here to see the awesome invention in action: http://www.wimp.com/potablewater/







Where and how to find water

From the News desk of Ann Little Running Deer

Clean Water

When you don’t have a beautiful clean lake or river to get your water from, where do you find water?

The solar still only takes about an hour to build. If constructed correctly, it can yield about a litre (quart) of water a day.

A baggy, careful do not make any tears in it, tied on a sunny tree branch. With one side of bag hanging lower, to catch the water from the leaves that is made by the sun. Makes a great drink of fresh water!


Catching rain water? [ Different today with fiber and heavy metals from our sprayed skies:( Bummer! ] Off your clean tent is another way. Wait until after first start of rain, as it washes sky, before collecting the water.

I was able to find under ground running water with a small forked willow branch. The magnetic field pull, would rip the small branch out of my hands as it twisted down  pointing to water…...Ann

Note: I forgot about the number of steps you count off  from  first pull to when it points straight down.  It tells  you how many inches or feet the water is below the surface.

Listen for running water in woods / fields

Boil the running water you find.

A Note in boiling water: Use only the top clear water after cooling. That is for real bad water!


Hunter Gather Cook Blog






Filtered Air ! Mask?



Out door Covered or indoor Gardens!
















































































19 Survival Skills You Should Teach your Children This Summer







































Solar Generators?


Amazon.com: Solar Generators

Product Features 5 solar panels (16 Watts each) unfold and slide out from the power cube
 Talk about re-chargeables :) But still is charging generator!

Amazon.com: solar cooker

Product Features #1 Portable Solar Oven from Alaska to Afghanistan! Cook from sun-up to sundown.
 Chicken in  solar tube cooker


Little Running Deer on June 29th, 2015

Yes, I did some editing as a video was shot down:(  We knew it would be.   Annie /  Jage

 What we love and wish for, A Safe Haven! Along with the beautiful music!

Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts (Piano/Cello Cover) – ThePianoGuys




But as this following video showed , we fell into a trap made by Hitler’s gang:(

ToDah, Autumn! Jage :)  ……… Yes, the video is now down, Autumn! :( It Was a good example of the  Here and Now on Mother Earth! With what the 1% are doing to it, in trying to murder off all living things , mainly all the adults , so they / the 1 %  / 150- 200 people, just have children left over for themselves  :(


What the Royal Family Doesn’t Want YOU To See! Zion King ~ Part 9

Murder off all Adults on the planet! Only save a few children.

 Fake prince William pointing at everyone …… cursing them with the Satanic Horn hand sign:(

Jag Ensing's photo.







I watched this last night- my goodness- the mass amount of truth put into the movies is very much a slap in the face-
Watch it now if you want to see it- they will take it down soon!

TоМоrrоwLаnd 2015 Best Science Fiction , Adventure , Fantasy Movies 2015 Full Movies English

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After a year of fighting to get his mom free of the kidney Clinic killing machine nurses, where people died! His Mom said it aged him by 10 years going through that! Yes, she is safe and is doing Great now!


 Carlos – Buffalohair speaks of / warns us of high winds up to 300 miles an hour tearing everything off the face of the earth if an Ice Age hits! Besides Mother Earths  moving  / shifting so much, that even underground shelters could be crushed, if not filled with hot lava! Yikes!



Carlos TheZilla published an article on WordPress.

WordPress ·

Stay In, Stay Cool and Stay Calm – Europe Swelters as Heatwave Stretches – Soak It Up, ICE AGE Just Around the Corner




Another re-warning he has been giving me the last few days????? About no electricity , as no tech stuff will work any more! Why? Solar Storms from the Sun plus  Ma Earth will destroy everything of mans inventions  it seems! Ah well, back to nature and sunsets:)

Why will it be this bad?  Understand that the Creator of the Universe  and yes, Mother Earth working together! It will take some serious action dealing with these sick, sick minded Pedophiles and their sick minded little ‘Glory Seeking’ rich puppets, that want to use their wealth to help the 150 or 200 hand full of Elite and the bad spirits, bring down all human kind, as they ‘Exit this World’! It will take some serious action to really scrape all evil off the face and under ground, of the earth once and for all!

Drama? Really? Look at that Daily News! Now that is what I call Drama!

This is where getting to know the good spirits on earth at this time is a Good Thing!!!!!!!! As they will protect you , help you, if you will listen closely and let them guide you.

No Don’t jump or use that knife/ gun /poison!!!!!!!  Watch this History take place! You do not want to end your life! You want to live!!!!!!!  So stay calm!!!!!!!!!

This is exciting!!!!!!!

Just do the best you can with what you have and if you can, please help other good souls around you in your community. You are getting together right? But Don’t be a nervous panic pest or non stop talker always in their ear! LOL Stay calm , cool and collected at a time like this!  Please! :) Be a good neighbor that someone would want to help willingly! :) Be a mature adult:) Learn all you can to help yourself at your home, then you can help others.




































  So lets be calm but serious! Yes, we already published all this information before but it causes panic? So be calm!!!!!!! This is where faith in your spiritual connection comes into play! But don’t be Silly Nelly about it, this is serious stuff!   Just think no more  Internet or working phones! Ham radios? There was a grounding or trick in protecting?




  • Unplug Electronic Devices: Simply unplugging electronic devices will also ensure that they aren’t zapped by a power surge.

Shielding from Solar Radiation

The biggest threat of solar storms is on a systemic scale (such as taking out cell phone service) rather than an individual scale (like damaging individual cell phones). However, the magnitude of solar events is unpredictable, and we don’t always know the effects solar radiation will have.

If you’ve done any reading on the subject, you’ve found all levels of paranoia about shielding yourself and your home from radiation, with all manner of solutions. My favorite was to build your house with a radiation-shielding pool of water on top – who doesn’t love a rooftop swimming pool?

Short of such radical measures, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, and one of the easiest ways to shield items from electromagnetic radiation is with an insulated, sealed metal box called a Faraday cage. It can be made of solid metal or wire mesh and needs to be completely enclosed, with an insulated liner so that nothing inside comes into contact with the metal.

Cardboard box and aluminum foil for Faraday cage.

To protect emergency backup electronics such as a radio or laptop, put them (unplugged) inside a sealed cardboard box, then wrap the box completely with aluminum foil. Another solution is to line the inside of a metal garbage can with cardboard. During peak radiation storms, it’s a simple matter to put your small electronics inside and close the lid.

If you’re really into radiation protection or are concerned about the health effects of solar storms, the same principles can be applied on a larger scale. People have gotten pretty creative with this principle by lining rooms (and even entire houses) with radiation-shielding metal mesh.





Hummmm How much will those Solar Rays Fry? :) We will see!





Will See you on the other side?

Love and Hugs!

Annie /Jage







Safety In Mother Earths Ice age?dome9a


TiPi’s are Great in Tornado country as they are round circle and the wind goes around them! But 300 miles an hour straight winds? Hummm ?  :) Maybe not? Well, good spirits  and your strong faith can do magic!

I am looking back in my posts:)

Antonio Sanchez shared a link.

On Brink of ‘Sixth Great Extinction,’ Humanity Must Conserve or Die

It’s official: the planet is entering a “sixth great extinction” that even the most conservative estimates show is killing off species at rates far higher than the…

filmsforaction.org|By Nadia Prupis






















Do Yeah Ever Wonder Why?



Do you ever wonder how or why you ever survived something? Oh you know, them little miracles that are hard to explain. Happens to all of us. We simply just blow them off. Or find a logical explanation for them and go on our way. Don’t have to be an In jun for this one.

Reason I say this is because it happen to me several times in my lifetime eh, big time. Let me throw this concept out at yea before I go on, and on, and on like I do. First off, it is my contention that once we manage to get into the spirit world, whether it be by meditation, visions, invitation, drugs or even death. We come to realize it’s a universal place, especially the world next to ours.

There is both good and bad spirits cruising around. Some with great medicine and others more or less like us, only without physical form. Lots of trippy stuff going on to. But it’s way cool in the sense there are colors not on our spectrum and you get a complete understanding about things also. There are no secrets. Yea just got to realize that anything is possible there. The medicine can work both ways. We still have this gift of free will and all. And basically, we are still the butt heads we were when on Earth, only dead or what ever reason we are there.

Anyway, there are kewl spirits, like ancestors and good guys and bad dudes or dorks who walk with evil. In a way, you can look at them like a Warner Brothers Cartoon with the angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. You have spirits trying to influence you all the time. Most of us just think it’s an active mind or the need for medical attention, hmmm.

Well charge me with 60,000 volts or fill me with lithium fore I’m going to blow your mind. I was a street kid so get over it. Lived on the edge and saw life from the fast lane and it’s darker side. In some way, I waltzed with death every day of my life. And for the most part, I had pulled away from my culture. Was tired of “seeing” things, hearing “voices” that gave me lectures and basically living with all that stuff I used to live with when I was young. Was just not into the Indian groove, so I thought.

Taking risks was what my life was all about at one time. I mean to tell you, I did impossible stuff, just because. My head was so full of myself, and I did not care about fear. After all, I already lived a life where other kids used to beat my head in all the time. Was already an outcast in society and I guess I was conditioned to think less of myself to a major degree. Hence the running away from my culture thing.

You got to remember, it was not always cool being Native. So what did I have to loose. If I got killed doing something, so what. I was deader than a box of rocks. In a way, I was already dead since I was mentally and emotionally isolated from society. I grew up hard and was “only a tree nigger” anyway. Maybe I had a death wish, who really knows. OK all you college kiddies, esteem issues comes to mind, I know I read that book to. And it was true, I had no self worth since I was convinced over time that I was “only” Native. Messed up huh.

So here we are, I’m living life on the streets and far from my spirit. I’m a Wise guy, doing the deal. Looking good, sporting a Rolex and a nice ride. Have respect from the “association” I was affiliate with and had a reputation on both the West Coast and the East Coast for “TCOB”, (taking care of business). I did the impossible and was still alive to tell the tale and had a wad of cash to prove it.

One time, I had to make a pick up. The usually thing, fly to Newark and pick up some cash from a delinquent “creditor”. I would get 50% of the dough-ray-me and all I could take from the person, as a lesson. No big deal except for one minor detail, he had his own crew. “Ain’t nothing but a meatball” I thought. I’ll just wait him out and find him alone. Then we could possibly enter into conversation over a business matter.

I waited, and waited and waited. He was always surrounded by his crew and most likely his bodyguards. After a week of hanging out in Jersey I was done, I was totally done. I counted the men coming in and out of their club house and decided to go in after him when there was the least amount of guys there. Hey, it was a long shot.

Got up the steam and a game plan, checked my guns and off I went. Walked in the front door and made my way towards the counter. Couple of guys greeted me and possibly recognized me as well. But there was no problem. Then when my eyes got adjusted to the light. I saw my target. And yes, he was surrounded by his boys. But I think he already knew why I was there because he made his way to where I was sitting. Kewl.

He began the conversation so all I did was follow his lead. I told him I needed to discuss this matter in a more personal setting. He told his bodyguards to back away from the table as we talked. But they did no go to far and were hovering around like flies.

As we talked about his current financial situation. He told me I was committing suicide coming to his part of the world. We both began to laugh and I pondered his vailed threat. I knew I was not going to come out of there alive and most likely become part of the land fill in a Jersey dump. Possibly one of the thousands of headless and limbless torsos that fill the morgues on the East Coast. What a drag, fly all the way out there, only to get whacked.

Go for the gusto eh. So while we were laughing at this joke of my possible demised, I went for it. While we was laughing, I already had my .45 in my hand under the table. Everyone was laughing, even his goons. And at that moment, I grabbed the collar of his shirt and jammed the .45 in his laughing mouth. Ba Da Bing.

His boys freaked out and as they moved towards me, I cocked the hammer back. they all froze. Mr. Wise guy was not so happy with me either and I think he was a bit distressed. He motioned his boys to back off since he knew I meant business. My life was at stake as well. and this was the only way I was going to leave there alive anyway. So what the hell.

We make our way into his office and I get the money for the debt. Granted, I should have just booked it, but I was already there and the risk was the same whether I got the cash or not. You can only be killed once anyway. I knew it was only a matter of time before one of his boys tried to be hero and pop a cap my direction. So I made every effort to explain to everyone that I was not going to die alone. I was taking “hero” with me in any event.

Here I am, backing out the door of this club house with all these goons with all their heat pointed my way. Their boss shaking his head as if to say, no no no no!. He was afraid to die but it did not matter to me. And as if this were one of them vintage 70’s slow motion endings, everyone opened up firing. Using the boss as a shield I bolted for the door, popped a few rounds and made my escape.

Later, I was dressing for the flight back home, course I was in Baltimore and far away from Jersey. I had the money and I was none the worse for ware. So it was a close call, “I’m just good”, I thought. Then I took a look at my nice silk shirt. There were bullet holes that seemed to go through the shirt. Entrance and exit holes in several places. There was powder burns on one side as well. Someone got in close and took a few shots.

I looked and looked but no, I was OK. Not a scratch. But there was 9 guys there and surely not all of them were bad shots. Later when I got back to LA, the ole man told me that he got a call from Jersey and was told that I was hit at least 6 times they knew of. “You got your money, but we got your boy in the process”, someone said to him. Guess someone did manage to get in close and pump a few rounds into my side. But how in the hell did I manage to survive? Even the boss in Jersey was made into a spaghetti strainer. He survived, but took in 5 rounds.

The ole man and I laughed it off and did not pay any mind to it. Only years later when I had my near death experience did I learn the truth. Sure I was shot at and yes they were close enough to kill me. But, it was not my time to die. In spite of myself, I was spared death. But this is not the first time I was in a gun fight and survived. I was shot at point blank range and only suffered powder burns, point blank!

Imagine, in spite of myself, the medicine of the Creator was working overtime to make sure I lived. Since the time of my NDE I kept asking these spirits, “Are you sure you saved the right guy?”. My question was, with all the good people around. Why was I spared death in light of the path I chose to walk? By the way, the NDE of mine was the third attempt by my ancestors to get my attention in life. The other two, I blew off. I’ll tell you about it sometime eh. Can you picture me in a Robert DeNiro posture, looking over at these spirits and saying, “Are you talking to me, are you talking to me”?

Did you see Monty Python’s, “Life of Brian”? Well, there is this scene where this guy, Brian, is standing near the Biblical Burning Bush. He can hear God speaking. Little does Brian know but God is speaking to Moses. Only Brian does not see Moses and thinks God is actually talking to him. I feel like Brian lots of times eh.

I always figured all this miracle stuff was for them goodies two shoes people. Them saintly ones who do the good stuff all the time. But a goon like me, naw. I never feared death, fact is, I almost welcomed it. Yeah Yeah Yeah, that self worth thing, get over it.

OK, this NDE thing did change my life, completely and it got me to go back to my people. When I told my family about my experiences in life and the dark journey as well as my epiphany or NDE. Them old buzzards already knew. Fact is, they knew in great detail of my life in general. The NDE was actually my journey into the land of the Creator. And while I was there, it was as if I lived a lifetime there. More on this on another manic episode. Take it or leave it, I don’t really care.

But what got to me was how my elders put things into perspective. They told me, that in life, people live and learn many lessons. We strive to discover all the faucets of our own medicine wheel, to become complete spirits and prepare for our journey whence we’ve learned the lessons we came to Earth for. Some lessons are very stark, some are not so stark. But they are lessons none the less. For some reason, I was fortunate to have walked the far corners of my medicine wheel and learned the consequences of the many paths I chose. And I walked many.

This NDE was the most humbling experience of my life and like I said, it changed me completely. I can’t begin to tell you about my medicine since that fateful day. But it’s good and I’ve helped many people since then. The old timers say, I came full circle in life and survived. And in a way, I can understand that now. In a way, I’ve come back to being that little Injun boy who talks to tree’s, animals and all that is nature. I know the power of the Creator first hand and know miracles happen everyday. And that destiny is something determined by the Creator period.

Been there, done that eh. And I have a million stories that will wow the imagination. But my stories are all about life and the human experience. And basically they are about life and how the spirit world interfaces with us all, in spite of ourselves. I’m an open book fore I’m a Storyteller and I speak of life and the misadventures first hand. Is there any other way?

I’m no different than any other skin who walked in darkness. But I’m
living proof we all can pick ourselves up by the loin cloth and move forward once we choose to get back on the Red Road. The Creator is ALL forgiving, but we need to learn to forgive ourselves. And society needs to get a grip and learn to forgive and quite labeling people by their past.

Once you learn the realities of the spirit world, the Creator and life on Earth in general…………………………..

“It’s ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan”………………………Capice?

Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Boom, Ba Da Bang























Lies been told a million fold
The words went on for ages
Excuse was made, excuse was said
To mask the true intentions
They lied at will and shot to kill
Then raped an ancient people
Gold was all they ever sought
Their G*d was in approval

“An Inca here, a Maya there

And Oh, lets whack them Aztec’s

We’ll take their gold, a million fold

Then wipe them from existence”“We’ll burn their books, the smoke so high”

The truth will be the White Man’s Lie……..

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind



























Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:28 am    Post subject:



As the stock markets take a hit, one of many to come. I can’t help but remember a few years back when one of our fearless leaders decided to alter the way the stock market receives sell offs or runs on the market. It was first come, first serve in a race to recoup losses when a company went belly up. Now, the market shuts off or closes if there is too much of a run on sell offs. This would attempt to stop the possibility of a crash like the one that occurred in the late 29′. It’s a “Check and Balance”……bs.

The reality is, you can buy into the market as you see fit. It’s called “free enterprise”. G*D bless America, land of Capitalism.

BUT if you decide you want out of the market due to economic or business reasons. To bad eh. If you decide to pull your dough-ray-mee out of the market the same time others do and the Feds thinks it’s to fast, you loose. The Feds will shut down the market. And it’s a guarantee Uncle Sam will take care of industries needs first, for the good of the nation of course.

Sure the Feds will “regulate” a possible stock market crash. The guise will be to save the country from a depression. Surely industry will have first priority. But John Q Citizen will be the one who ultimately takes it in the shorts. Therefore it truly is not a free market if the feds can “regulate” who gets their money back. Ultimately, the depression would occurred anyway. But the top dogs of industry who’ve squandered billions would still live a life of splendor.

This adjustment to how the stock market excepts sell off’s is only designed to save Wall Street and the thousands of industrialists who would leap to their deaths if everyone wanted their money back. If you think otherwise, you’re drinking to much fluoride in your water eh.

The US is living like an old western town, false storefronts with everyone gambling inside. And as we all know, the stock market is just another Crap Shoot. Snake Eyes are just around the corner eh.

If it makes you feel any better. The economic disasters we face in the future don’t hold a candle to the magnitude of Ma Earth’s Changes and all.

Here is a quick reality check since I have your attention.

Ma Earth is having her “season” if you did not already notice. Like the woman of Earth, she deals with mood swings as her body cleanses herself of ALL that causes her discomfort physically and spiritually.

The Creator, like any other wise man, will stay clear while she is in her season. He will not interfere in her cycle since she was created with it in the first place. To the chagrin of many dogmas I might add…..lol.

Our job is to find our place within this matrix. Are we good bacteria or are we Republican Herpes infecting the core of humanity with their puss laden zosters filled with financial gain at the expense of others, deception, hatred, war and sorrow. Opps, sorry I lost control for a second.

Well you get my drift anyway, I hope, gawd. Either you’re a good bug or a bad bug, you’re walking the path or your not. The Creator sent enough messengers throughout the universe. Hopefully someone figured it out by now. This is the “Real Deal” and we’ve had more than our share of warnings. It’s time to pay attention.

Oh and by the way. Ma Earth is a modern gal in her own right eh. I venture to state she will most likely add a face lift to her agenda over the next few years. You “Nip and Tuck”, remove this, flatten that and get rid of that crap that smells like burning oil.

Your Devil’s Advocate










































Living in a silent rage

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 8:29 am    Post subject:

“Living in a silent rage and ever so suspicious, I look at life through jaded eyes and live with broken wishes”

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind






















My ancestors came to me three times before I finally paid attention. The first two encounters were simply confrontational since I was still very bitter with life and the journey I was on. Things did not seem to matter since I considered myself dead to all society. My arrogant s or ego painted a picture of inevitability. I had forgotten to chose to ignore my reality and my culture. The world was hell bent on material consequence and power. When in Roma do as the Roman’s do.

The allure of power and loyalty was overwhelming for a once beaten down Native boy. The Native boy who learned at an early age that he was hated for the color of his skin. The Native boy who watched as men would try to treat his mom as if she were a sex object or less than other women according to society. The once innocent boy who used to love all there was in life. The boy who forever knew the feel of warm spit on his face, the memory that was forever etched in his psyche. The boy who bore the scars of a boxer before I was 9 years old, beaten almost every day of his life for 7 horrific years.

A million unanswered questions haunted me in life. But it all did not matter at this juncture. Driving across the desert in a Town Car, trunk filled with antiques and collectibles and a pocket full of cash, life seemed good. Everything seemed perfect, or was it. Always hitting the bottle of Crown Royal, maybe to silence the voices who tormented me or simply to ease the pain of like.

Then they came. At first, all I heard was a voice and the words were quite haunting, “There’s the boy who’s going to die”. I laughed to myself, “Yea sure, you can’t mess with Superman’s cape”. But the voice got louder, “THERE’S THE BOY WHO IS GOING TO DIE”. But this time, the voice seemed to echo deep within my soul. The voice echoed in the car as well. With anger I began to curse the voice. But it only got louder. So I turned the radio up, but to no avail, the voice drowned the radio.

As I sped down the highway, I began to notice 3 phantoms from my side vision. I ignored them as best as I could. But then, the voice was joined by another. Before long, there were three distinct voices, scolding me and saying I was going to die. Then I looked out the window and saw an old man. He was dressed in a red and white checkered western shirt, beaded ball cap and weathered khaki pants. His face was weathered by time and his eye’s were very piercing and he studied me.

At that moment, it did not occur to me that he was outside the car. The reality of his presents overshadowed this reality. I knew he was there, there was no question. And I had two guests in the car. They both looked at me with equal pall.

As if on cue, I began to feel a shortness of breath. I was beginning to breath as if my lungs were tightening. My breaths began to get very labored and I tried in vane to breath. Each breath became a gasp and I struggled. Then I decided to pull off the main road. I looked around me when I stopped the car, all the while struggling to breath. The men just looked on. My heart was racing as the oxygen levels began to lower. I knew I finally found my goal, death was approaching. But to die like this?

I grabbed an old blanket I had in the trunk and made a bed alongside the car and laid down. My feet began to tingle as if they were falling asleep. I grabbed my wallet and pulled out the pictures of my young family and relations. And for the first time since I was 14, I prayed. It was an awkward prayer since I had forgotten how. So I talked to the Creator and only asked him to watch over my family when I go. I knew where I had been and knew my fate. But I excepted it since I could not lie to myself. I only cared for the people who I was going to leave behind.

The tingling began to move down my legs. I laid back with the pictures and my ID next to my head since I was becoming weaker as the tingling got stronger. My hands began to tingle now. As I looked around, I noticed a fog in the distance. It was an odd fog since it was all around me but quite far. It seemed like a mile or so. the tingling crept-closer and closer as my breathing got harder and harder. My extremities were cold now as the tingling entered my torso. I felt like my lungs were going to burst as I labored to breath. Then just when I was about to scream in pain. The laboring stopped.

I found myself standing next to my car. “Hmmm, did I just imagine this?”, I thought to myself. Then I heard the voices, “No Carlos, this is real, your dead”. Then I turned around and saw the three old Native men. They just looked at me. I turned back to my car and there I was, splayed out on a blanket, my hand clutching the photos. “Wow, so this is death eh”, I thought.

So I walked up to these three men and they began to scold me. “We tried to talk to you while your were alive, but you would not listen. We tried in vane to get your attention but you would not heed our warnings. They went on about personal things and I was obliged to listen. I remembered the many instances they spoke of. All the opportunities to change my path. All the close brushes with death and ego filled endeavors I ventured. I did not have a snappy quick written retort.

Knowing I was not among the living, I asked them if they could possibly put me back in my body since I now realized the err of my ways. They informed me that they did not have this kind of medicine. Sorrow began to fill my thoughts as I pondered what my true fate would be. But I knew I was no cherry and knew my destiny would not be so spiffy. My mind filled with stories of death from the many dogma’s I researched in my life. I thought that I was going to fry like an egg if there was a hell. So I finally made the big time eh.

While we stood and looked at one another in this awkward moment. I noticed a glow from behind me. It lite up the night and shined on the faces of the old men, who I learned were my ancestors. I was somewhat frightened because of the look of surprise on their faces. My mind reeled with thoughts and uncertainty. Then I slowly turned around and noticed this big man. He was at least 9 feet tall. Dressed in some kind of flowing robe, white and saffron I believe. Had long hair sort of sandy brown and clean shaven.

I looked to my ancestors but I could not find an answer in their faces, only surprise. And this made me very concerned indeed. I mustered up the courage, turned and walked up to this big dude. I was fearful for the first time in my life as I approached him, but I was not one to back out of anything. I walked up to him and said, “Well who are you?”, after all I did want to know.

This big guy looked at me with a faint smile and said, “My name is Michael”. At that time, I turned to my ancestors and said, “Well at least he did not say he was Satan”, with a semi jocular demeanor. My ancestors seemed to roll their eye’s as if to say “Gawd, what a bonehead”. But there were no words, they only gave me this impression. But dang, I was kind of happy he did not say he was the Devil anyway.

This Michael guy extended his hand and I knew I had to reach for it. The moment I touched his hand, poof, I was out of there. It’s hard to describe how we flew or traveled. It was more as if everything around us was moving. Then I noticed a light of some kind. It was a beautiful blue green light, like sage on a full moon, but very brilliant with an intensity that drew me to it like a moth.

With the urgency of a child running to his ma ma, I went to the light. I was so drawn to it, I felt desperate to get close to this. Somehow, I know I belonged with this light. But as I approached this beautiful light, I began to have thoughts of my life on Earth. I began to remember everything. My thoughts went to all my actions in the past, everything. It was as if I was watching a video, but I watched this from the distinct perspectives. From my original POV, to the POV of an observer and that of the people I encountered. I was my own judge, jury and hangman. I could not lie about my actions. It was there in Technicolor.

Then I stopped my pursuit of this light since I now felt dirty and did not want to soil something so beautiful. I cried and felt so ashamed and knew I was not worthy of being in the presents of this light. But then I came aware of many things, like a major download of some kind. It was as if complete understanding came to me, not like Earth where we have to read or listen. It was like I came to know something in complete detail, like a game to remember.

The light is the Creator, a complete being and all about love and forgiveness. The Creator is not bound by Earthly consequences such as gender or race. The Creator is a being of pure wisdom, strength and beauty. The image so many dogma’s purport mankind is molded after is not the physical form, but that spark of life that comes from that light which is the Creator. All that lives in the universe has the spark of life that is of the Creator. Like the old timers always said, we are all related, everything with life is our relations. It was so clear to me.

My trance was broken when this Michael guy told me that I was not going there, but to remember this time and place. And believe me, I will never forget what I saw and experienced there. He grabbed my hand and my journey continued. But I still wondered, “Where am I going?”



























After thinking about it all. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m over reacting just a bit eh. I better get over it since I should be used to this by now anyway. End Of Times, whatever….

This is not the first time Ma Earth cleansed herself of all that causes her discomfort. So it’s none of this chaos on all levels of existence … stuff for me eh. So what if the Pineapple Express will soon shut down when a rush of cold fresh water runs off the melting polar caps into the oceans. Just cause this event alone will alter the weather patterns for thousands of years and bring civilization to it’s knees with another Ice Age.

And ah, don’t worry about them Polar Bears. They will soon adjust to eating frozen meat since we will be like snack treats in the tundra. Mom and Popsicles so to speak.

On a positive note. Scientists discovered the advent of an Ice Age comes much swifter than once believed. Once it was thought Ice Ages came into being over thousands of years. Well, the fact woolly mammoths still had food in their mouths when a big chill froze them in their tracks showed it happened almost at once. Imagine, the starving Russians in Siberia were eating Mammoth meat back in the dayz of the Gulag Archipelago and it was quick frozen to retain freshness. Yummy.

Just imagine, 20,000 years from now. Little Rudy Zimmerman will be playing in the back yard when he discovers a mummified frozen human body in the snow. And it will be clutching a Wendy’s Cheeseburger. Most likely Wal-Mart Bags will be found around the body as well as an old New York Times. Give or take a few empty cans of Sprite.

The Headlines will read, “Bush Finally Convicted Of Crimes Against Humanity”

But in small print it will read, “But It’s To Late To Save Civilization”

Ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan…

Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Bang, Ba Da Boom…


Your “Everything Is Rosy” Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind


































Nov 30, ’07 4:19 PM
for everyone


As we enter this holiday season it is hard to find joy when people are in the midst of struggle. The fact an Arizona auction house, (Allard Auctions, Mesa AZ.), could consider auctioning off Sioux Scalps on E-bay has spoken volumes about our reality. It is absolutely appalling that we (Native Americans) are still more a curio and a novelty item rather than human beings. Our women are still considered sexual items rather then givers of life by non Native men. With statistics where 7 out of 10 assaults on Native women are perpetrated by non Native men, it is hard to ignore. This statistic is shared in Canada as well. How could anyone be so callous and have total disregard for the remains of human beings? How could you place a price tag on the dismembered remnants of a person who was butchered in cold blood?

Then there is the on going struggle of the Western Shoshone Nation with the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1865 which includes Mount Tenabo. They have been under assault over tribal land for many years as it is. Now a most sacred site, Mt. Tenabo, is under assault as gold fever enters the mix. I still think it’s ironic the company who wants to mine tribal land is named Cortez Mining Company though. As if the Shoshone Nation does not exist, this company is trying to influence the US Government into simply tossing out the Treaty of 1865. It’s only a bunch of Natives so why should we honor this silly obsolete document anyway? There is gold in them there hills and no sacred ground or ancient traditions should stand in the way.

Seems the policy of lying and reneging on treaties has been the norm since the time our people made first contact with these immigrants from across the Great Pond. Unfortunately for us, we actually took them for their word and thought they would honor this funny piece of paper called a treaty. Black Kettle, with the US Flag and the Flag of truce waving in the air, held up a treaty with “The Great White Fathers” signature on this paper. But Chivington and his band of drunken soldiers killed and butchered my people in a little place called Sand Creek, CO. Later our people were almost exterminated along the Washita River OK., by George Armstrong Custer. The atrocities told from our oral tradition is far more perverse and bloody then you will ever read in history books. Cutting the bellies open of expectant mom’s and carving out the still born infant then cutting them to shreds to the joy of his soldiers while saying, “Knits make lice” was bad enough. But for soldiers to take infants who still could not speak, have sex with them then cut them to pieces was yet another part of our oral history not in all the history books. And it gets much worse indeed.

And here we are in the 21st Century and the Shoshone people are fighting to make the US Government honor their treaty. It is absolutely appalling they should be struggling with this issue in the first place. How can this be happening when civilization is supposed to be so advanced and educated? How can this nation call themselves leaders of the free world when Native people are being subjugated, lied to and left to live in third world conditions? How can they save the world from tyranny when their actions mirror that of Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein in the treatment of Indigenous people within the confines of these boarders?

How could we possibly forgive and forget when we are still under assault from Corporate America and the public at large? Some people tell us to get over it and quite being such a baby. How can we forget the many treaties that never were honored or simply cancelled? How can we forget the billions owed our nations that simply have disappeared? Our children are dying of despair and found Meth and Alcohol to self medicate the PTSD’s that haunt every Indigenous person with the America’s and possibly the world.

Oh Canada and their judicial folly of dropping charges on 18 RCMP Constables for raping Native children simply because of the statute of limitations last year. I remember the case very well since there were protests in Vancouver over that issue. But to the chagrin of tribal leaders the Crown dropped all charges. Ask Salish tribal member and activist Kate Norris who rallied for justice there. The list of atrocities in Canada alone are outrageous to say the very least fore these are contemporary times we are speaking about. The redistribution of Natives kids to foster homes was a crime unto itself.

Then there are the Me’tis of Black Tickle Labrador, they have no running water or sanitation. Their entire economy thrust into limbo and all they wanted was access to the Trans Labrador Highway so they could spur tourism. Their location would have made a perfect tourist and sports destination if they were provided a link to this highway. They wanted to have a piece of the budding tourism industry Labrador and Newfoundland are currently promoting. I find this quite odd since it would appear the government are purposely trying to squeeze these people out because they live on prime land for development. To think Canada is catering to the big bucks tourist industry at the expense of this humble community is simply obscene. Why does progress have to be at the expense of Indigenous people world wide?

Take a long hard look at that diamond ring on your finger. Now take a long hard look at the workers in South Africa who’ve slaved in grueling inhuman conditions. The reward for their efforts may be a meal or two for their families. The real bounty is sold for nothing less than a king’s ransom. The World Bank had gleaned a handsome profit as rain forests disappeared in South America destroying traditional tribal land for Natives in that region. When they protested, they simply were machine gunned down and buried in mass graves. Their struggle never made public or in the mainstream media. Dare I mention the struggle of the good people of Ireland?

So it is not so easy to be joyous let alone forgive and forget when we are still under assault. We are the Indigenous people of the world and we come in all races and nations. We are dying from the ill effects of greed, cultural and religious differences as an ambivalent world looks on. And I am the voice of the voiceless.

Your Devil’s Advocate














You’ve heard about it on TV, the Silver Screen, gossip and Lofted commercials, Voices. Granted, I’m completely insane and I know it. BUT, within the Indigenous cultures from around the world, they know the existence of spirits, ghosts and the like fore there are many.

In my culture, we know the spirit world is alive and teaming with all kinds of spirits. And we also know that many of these entities are always trying to influence us in either a good way or bad. Depends on who is doing the influencing, we can get into all kinds of trouble if we don’t figure out who is who. And boy, did I get into trouble……..lol.

So here is my rendition of all this stuff eh. I learned this the hard way, by the way. Just because a spirit shows themselves to you and or has great medicine, like showing you the future, buzzing around and through walls, makes weird faces and dashes around the place saying profound stuff, does not mean they are good. So what if they show you some kewl things and do wild stuff. Don’t mean they are good.

Too many people get all ga ga over the fact they saw a spirit. Imagine, they just saw a spirit and they are all flipped out over it. Get over it. We are living in the time of Great Change and many spirits are going to make their presents known to us. Fact is, the spirit world in general will be interfacing with us more and more. That’s how it is. So don’t bank everything on a spirit who does, “what I call” parlor tricks and talks a good rap eh. Many of them goons can do it so don’t build a shrine or get a spiffy tattoo honoring this spirit. Also, don’t whack your neighbors because some spirit told you so. Gads.

Once you’ve gotten over the fact you saw something,”from the other side”. have the presents of mind to make a simply prayer to the Creator to verify if this dude is kewl or not. Simple as that. Too many spirits that don’t walk a good way have influenced and shared medicine to people on Earth with devastating effects.

It is my firm belief that people like Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, David Koresh and many many others got all ga ga over some bad spirit who showed and shared medicine to them. These bad spirits also gave these poor fools limited medicine so they could eventually hang themselves, along with the millions of victims they managed to take down with them. Course Custer and Chivington had help from spirits from a bottle, that’s another story.

Imagine how it would have been if Moses did not have the presents of mind to recognize a spirit from the Creator. The Angel of Death would have whacked ALL first born son’s in Egypt. All because he did not listen and do the lambs blood thing. I like this story since it’s also a good example of how mankind will be able to survive the coming changes, if they choose to believe it’s actually happening. And there is a good change many will not even know it’s upon us.

That’s right eh. I’ve been asked many times how we can survive the coming Earth Changes. Simply put, you have to be able to recognize spirits from the Creator and them bad guys. There is no actually safe place to be during the change. I don’t care what book you read or who says what. From my visions, I see Ma Earth doing a complete makeover and there will be no rock unturned. And personally, if I don’t make the cut during the change, Oh Well. I’ll be back in the spirit world from which I came. And I’m good with that. It’s way bitchen there and all my relations are there anyway. Ain’t nothing but a meatball eh.

But I also know we will have ample time to prepare both physically and spiritually. And I also know we will be warned of impending danger such as tornado’s, earth quakes and the like. Spirits will come to us with warnings like in Moses’s case. Some will be ancestors and others will be sentinels of the Creator. Depending on your dogma, you will also recognize the spirit that comes to you. BUT again, you have to have the presents of mind to make a simply prayer to verify if this spirit is actually of and from the Creator.

Spirits of the Creator will always sit by as you make your prayer for verification. After all, what better honor is there to have the Creator say your OK. While spirits that are not of the Creator will tell you things like, “Don’t bother the Creator now fore he is busy” or they will make vialed threats or even intimidate you. And if you never had an encounter with spirits or truly are not aware. Chances are you’ll buy into it.

As for ghosts that reside just on the other side. Consider them training spirits since they are simply people without physical form. They are fueled by your fear. For every ghost you encounter, there is a completely different story as to why they did not completely cross. More on this on another manic session of mine. Oh the tales I can tell eh.






















Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 12:19 am    Post subject:

I’m not even going to debate if the Earth Changes are real or when it will get here fore it has already begun. “Like the thieves in the night”, the changes have already taken its toll on humanity. “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, well dayum dudes and dudettes that’s the elements of the four directions, Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Surely one does not need to go to seminary school to figure that one out eh. And like the proverbial snowball rolling down a slope, it is gaining momentum and strength daily as the changes become more and more apparent to all of mankind. If you don’t see it now, oh you will shortly. I can feel Mother Earth groan with disgust as man and his greed blanket the Earth with this gray pall of gloom and greed. And the ole gal is not a happy camper.

I get a kick out of the “bomb shelter boyz” as they prepare for Armageddon and the battle between good and bad. They have their guns, stores of water, food and these spiffy army like cars with camo zipping around all over the place chatting on their walkie talkies. They are ready for war. Hmmm, maybe they will kill themselves off. But like my elders tell me, the wars that break out will be over material things and these are not our battles. If you did not notice, the real war has already begun. That is the war between good and evil within the confines of the spirit world.

Take a good hard look around you. The family has taken a direct hit amidships and has been taking water for quite some time now. Many more of us than not are the survivors floundering in this turbulent angry sea of life. Though we may have material wealth, we truly have nothing but “stuff”. Yea can’t take with you, not even that sack of meat called a body. We are spirits anyway.

There is nothing wrong with “stuff”, just where mankind has placed it within their hearts. The bottom line has come to be the ultimate decision maker in all facets of life. Insurance companies determine what is “best” for a patient rather than the advice of a medically trained doctor. Rather than being concerned with the persons well being and quality of life, the insurance companies determine the fate of a person by what is more cost efficient. How special.

The blood of our young is being sacrificed for “stuff” and the vanity of a truly mad man who is obsessed with revenge for his father’s failure to get “stuff” in the first Gulf War. Since the public is getting more and more fed up with this bogus axiom of making nations “free”, oil companies have taken the high road of extortion and blackmailed a nation with high fuel prices. But not to worry since one day soon money will be worthless. Those army like camo cars will not run and walkie talkies will not work either. In desperation these “prepared people” will most likely whack anyone they see to, yes you guest it, take their “stuff”. I will sit in the woods with my pemmican munching away watching the fireworks. Why? It’s not my war and it’s not yours either. It’s already known from stories immemorial, from camp fire to camp fire that there will be few survivors. And not all will die from disasters, but from the hand of man as well. There is a saying I will share with you, “The greedy man will die of starvation in his sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow”

“So gosh Uncle Wally, how are we going to survive these tumultuous times in the future?”

It’s quite simply really. We have to prepare within our hearts. We need to try in earnest to alter the course of our own destinies and not worry so much about the Jones. We need to learn how to become human beings again. If we truly want to survive, we will need each other to pull it off, fore we will never survive alone. We’ll have to learn how to care for our fellow man. When it is all said and done, we will scan the landscape for others. We will find people of all colors who have made it through the changes. And we will become as one as we become family once again and forge a new tomorrow. Like the old ones say, “The old will blend with the new and we will go forward as a new people”

Personally, I call this time of change, “The Humbling Times” fore we have to be humble if we plan to survive or we will truly perish from the face of the Earth.

Remember that adage, “The meek shall inherit the Earth”. Has a ring to it eh.

And I’ll be sitting on a rock watching Armageddon while munching on some pemmican. Then I will return to my village and tell my people what I saw in the Valley of Greed.

Hu Ho!

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind























Our Technological Achilles Tendon

Our Technological Achilles Tendon


Antikythera Mechanism

As our modern society bases everything on technology a religious parable comes to mind. Have we built our proverbial home on a foundation of sand rather than rock? When you consider how frail our technology actually is, it is not hard to conceive that modern man has placed their eggs in one basket. With millions of people tossed into the Stone Age from a winter storm electricity is not as dependable as once thought. Seems more and more people are experiencing power outages for extended periods of time these days. Without electricity even the most technologically advanced doodads will not function. And to think a grain of silicon sand is the corner stone of this technology.

With a hole in our magnetosphere 4 times larger than the Earth we should be a bit concerned. With our atmosphere filling with highly charged particles (ions and electrons) as we speak it’s only a matter of time before we experience wide spread power outages. Without the protection of our magnetosphere we are taking a direct hit from the sun. Scientists already predicted anomalous weather conditions and as we can plainly see, electricity is the first casualty. There are no green solutions for the impending disasters that lay in wait for humanity fore we are experiencing “The Perfect Solar Storm”. Whether you like it or not this event is out of man’s control.

Knowing what we do about solar storms and its effects on power grids you’d think we would get a heads-up about this situation. After all it is our tax payer buck that has financed all this scientific research. The cost of which has been astronomical to say the least. Though the data is available, you have to hunt for it. Scientists have warned us about many Earth changing events yet no one is listening. Opinion, politics and financial concerns have overshadowed real science with fanatical misconceptions and inaccuracies. And now, Americans are living in shelters as anomalous weather patterns plunge parts of our nation into a double digit deep freeze destroying power lines in its wake.

Fragile at best, electricity is the weak link in contemporary life. With questionable weather patterns as well as pending electro magnetic disasters technology will soon becoming unreliable. With the discovery of Galvanic Batteries and electronic devices in the ruins of ancient Egypt there is no question electricity was no secret to the ancients. Hieroglyphics depicted light bulbs with filaments according to engineers and Egyptologists. The absents of tell tale soot in dark caves clearly indicated there was a different source of light. Murals painted in these caves thousands of years ago were still pristine and did not show the usual signs of smoke damage. Did some unknown atmospheric anomaly stem the further development of this advanced technology? Or did the ancients simply loose interest in electricity? With more discoveries being made in ancient ruins across the globe it is clear we are not the first civilization to stumble across electricity or even the computer. The Antikythera Mechanism found in an ancient ship wreck off the coast of Greece was a sophisticated device that accurately mimicked the wobble in the moons orbit. Other precise astronomical calculations were discovered as well. Advanced knowledge of the cosmos by the ancient Mayan culture still baffles scientists today. So it is not hard to imagine our so called advance culture could face such an untimely demise of technology.

With our atmosphere filling with highly charged ions and electrons, electricity is sure to be compromised and all who placed their trust in the technological egg basket may soon find themselves in the dark. It was mentioned in many Indigenous prophecies that modern thing would become useless during the time of great change. If a snow storm can plunge 2 million people into chaos in the dead of winter, imagine what would happen if we are cast into another mini Ice Age. You remember what they say about building a house on a foundation of sand. Is it a metaphor? After all, we’ve built our technological empire on silicon sand. This may very well be mankind’s Achilles Tendon.

Your Devil’s Advocate
































Nov 27, ’07 3:00 PM
for everyone


In a way we are since corporations as well as our government does not seem to care about yet another group of indigenous people, go figure eh. Every once in a while we hear news about the drama that is unfolding in Burma. The wholesale murder of Buddhist Monks and the civilian population at large does not phase the world it seems. Corporate America has embraced China since they see dollar signs with this growing nation. A growing nation burns oil and gas to the joy of stock holders. They also need our technology as well. Even internet providers are chomping at the bit to glean a handsome profit in China. Like I always say, “it’s all about the money”

I have a friend from Burma and by no means has the media at large even got close to the realities of the holocaust that is going on there. We sit by and inadvertently support the death and destruction that is happening to these people. China has taken a very negative position in the Burmese people’s plight indeed since they are supplying weapons to feed the war of ideologies there. Innocent men women and children are being murdered by the droves while the world sits by and counts their chips. The stock market and investors in China’s economy do not want to upset the ole ox cart and piss of the Chinese Government by suggesting they influence the Burmese government into stopping the “Killing Fields” mentality.

Our Corporate Fascist Industrialists are lining their pockets with blood money as well as investors while people are being butchered. Course the plight of Africans has been a non issue as well. South America has been under siege forever it seems and well, we need not forget the Iraq debacle. When will the citizens of the world stand up and say a frigging thing? Guess that is why we are poised to feel the wrath of a more dynamic nature when Ma Earth kicks some bootie and sends us back to the stone age. And personally, I can’t wait. This New World Odor thing really smells big time.

After listening to my friend talk of all the horrors she endured before she made tracks to New Zealand the on to the US, I was without words. Tears filled my eyes as she described of first hand accountings that mirrored the stories from my people as we faced Chivington and Custer. It was a flashback of sorts since my people still feel the horror of our history. Imagine walking to school and having to step over dismembered bodies of men, women and children every day. Then hoping these butchers do not come into your village to do the same. Out of absolute fear she did not want me to mention her village or her tribe since the government monitors the internet as well. And they would wreak death and torture if they knew who to make an example of.

As we spoke I could see the terror in her eyes as she told me volumes of the carnage she personally witnessed while in her homeland. She told me of children marching in their school uniforms in protest only to be machine gunned down in cold blood. If you follow the money you would find that eventually it ends up coming out of our pockets as we finance China through industry and America’s policy of buying friend’s world wide. I believe we as a people should hold accountable these corporations that are swapping spit with China.

They could do more than just turn a deaf ear on the hopeless cries from innocent Burmese people. Oh boy that will be the day eh. If it’s all about the money, then we should follow the money and make a statement that seems to be the only way we can be heard anyway. Hit these industrialists in their pocket book and boycott every industry who does business in China until they stand up and use their big bucks to influence China into stopping the killing.

Yea sure, like that is going to happen. Sadly humanity is destine to go into the sewer as material lusting takes the helm of this and other nations all for the bottom line. Indigenous people are under siege world wide as Corporate America sits by and counts their chips and gleefully waits till the smoke clears so they can set up shop. It’s all about the money Paisans, simple as that. Who cares about Burma anyway? It’s just some puny country with a few plantations that England once dominated. They were our allies during WWII who fought and died along side American troops. Just a courageous people who looked to the US for help is all. But like other people who helped the US out in our time of need. We turn a deaf ear and worse we got a finish them off. It is shameful that these greasy corporations do nothing but line their pockets while innocent people die.

Ah, just another PTSD moment I guess, like spitting in the wind since nothing will happen anyway. Come on Earth Changes; please clean this filthy slate of this so called civilization. This has become a fetid existence where the bottom line overshadows human life. So I sit and burn my cedar and make prayers for all the indigenous people of the world. Maybe I’ll be able to hold back the tears when my Burmese friend vents her sorrow as she struggles with PTSD’s like the rest of the Indigenous population of the world.

It’s all about the money Paisans.

Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, Capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

















MINDLESS RAMBLING, now that’s Kona…………

Posted: Sat May 26, 2007 11:43 pm    Post subject:

MINDLESS RAMBLING, now that’s Kona…………

This time of change has only just begun it’s brutal side and I mean brutal. Moose pellets are hitting the fan all over the world as them bad spirits put on the coal. Yea just got to remember the words of them old buzzards. The Earth Changes will be absolute and on all planes. That means we really need to pay attention since we will be under assault on many levels of existence by evil. Its the ‘Full Meal Deal” eh. In the Faiths begot by Abraham there is a passage of sorts that makes mention of brother against brother during the “End Times”. Well don’t drop the soap homies its going to get way worse before it gets better by a long shot. Seems old scams are coming back as well as new ones. Sadly, people are selling out lifelong friendships for relatively little monetary gain. Stick a quarter on the table next time someone comes over. Then check it when they leave. Your friend might have sold out his/her integrity for .25. Makes you wonder what else they swiped from you over the years. Then again, you might be delightfully surprised to discover your friend is truly honest, hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe he only takes large bills. It does hurt your heart when you discover these things in people you cared for. To realize they would actually steal from you even a quarter on the table, holay.

Guess I’ve been on the streets too long. I don’t trust a soul and I don’t mince words about it. On the streets its dog eat dog and anything goes because FAIR went out in the 30’s. If you get weak on the streets, your toast. From the shoplifter or hooker to the Capo or Crime Boss, you have to watch your back because nobody else will. When it comes down to it in the real world, you are on your own and that’s how it is.

Now that people are wigging out all over the place. Maybe folks will begin to realize exactly how intense this “Time Of Change” is going to get. If people are spazzing out over spook sightings, voices or other paranormal events now. They will be jumping out of windows when this paranormal thing really gets going. People get freaked out over cups or chairs moving around or some spook saying lame stuff. Just the presents of a human spirit is enough to make them huddle in a corner with a hand full of beads. Just the thing you don’t do, show or have fear. They are only us with no skin and fueled by fear. For whatever reason, they are there and that’s that. Spirits 101. Believe me, there are other spirits (and things) out there that will get your attention.

So lets see, finding out the worst in people is a biggie. It stings when its a REAL pal. And it only goes down hill from there sorry to say. The trick will be to separate yourself from the “Mania” since it will appear that everyone is trying to get into your pocket or “gain” something from you at your expense of course. Its almost funny in a way. Here I am walking a good path after a life on the streets and now the world wants to be a gangster. Find a few of your homies with their brains all over the wall or side walk sometime. It wont be so glamorous anymore eh. Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Bang………………………………………Ba Da Boom.

But yea know what? It ain’t nothing but a meat ball Paisan. It don’t matter what kind of spirit, human, meat/no meat or a spazzed out dude with all kinds of medicine. Just pray or ask the Creator within your tradition for help with these pinheads. It’s as simple as that. But the trick is to have absolute faith and don’t mix your medicine. Sometimes I’ll pray many times in a day. Just depends on whats going on or what I see. A ole Native once said; “Don’t be afraid to talk to the Creator”

And while your rapping with the Creator, burn some cedar.

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind


























September 12th, 2007 by Buffalohair

As the crystal palaces of the economic empire shake with news of the falling dollar. One has to wonder what people were thinking as they invested or better put, gambled on the stock market (The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme). In essence people wagered against themselves as industries divested holdings within the borders of the continental United States. The primary reasons were to find cheap labor and to be free from the constraints of environmental laws hence a greater profit margin or bottom line. So thh was the case with a friend of mine who worked at the Van Nuys California GM Plant before its closing. He invested heavily in GM only just to sell them later since he was out of work. He lost it all as well as his marriage and eventually took his own life.

Greed has taken over where common sense once ruled. People have become more dollar wise but a penny short with their zeal to achieve the American Dream. But what was this dream really? To have everything Madison Avenue decided you needed or to keep up with the Jones? Was it to obtain power and control with the influence money offered? I venture to state “all of the above”. There is a saying that describes the hardships of the coming Earth Changes, “A once rich man will die of starvation in his sleep while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow”.

So we sit here watching as the economic future of this nation is offered to the chopping block. The aces of this once totally independent nation have long since moved to other countries and now the hand is stacked against the good ole USA. Sadly, it was the American public that dealt this hand with the guidance and coaxing from Uncle Sam and their industry cronies, all because of greed. Remember that saying, “We reap what we sow”? I like this one, “You never get something for nothing”. Soon everyone will understand the true meanings of these anecdotes. But by then it will be too late.

I remember talking to the old timers who’ve survived the Great Depression. You remember them eh. They used to save all the glass jars they could find. They also told me that this country was making the same mistakes and soon we would be back in another Depression. And when they finally crossed over into the Land of the Creator their family members would wonder why the old buzzard saved everything including tin cans.

On the bright side, during the Great Depression people would flock to the theaters. The motion picture industry actually held the country together. Movie goers would fantasies about how life could be as they watched on the silver screen to escape their reality. And just outside the theater, soup lines would fill the streets with starving American’s.

I asked my ma how the Depression was for Natives, she looked at me with a long hard stare without a word and tears came to her eyes.

Have a nice day!

Your Devil’s Advocate,










Idle No More – A Poem – Fostered Hope

idle no more


Fostered Hope

In times of old when we were free, and traveled with a subtle breeze.

This land of birth had no disease, and all we felt was life at ease.

Bison roamed a million fold, and in our way, that was our gold.

He served us well, both young and old, his all of wealth, from stories told.

Our wine of choice was of a spring, we shared our life with everything.


Oh Mother Earth and Father Sky, please save us from this white man’s Lie.

His ways of hate and words of quick have left our people sad and sick.

He’s killed the beasts that ruled the plains, and gave us booze that rot our brains.

Those words of quick have hurt our sight, and pushed us to this time of plight.

Our children walk in endless night, fore they have lost the path of light.


Make well of us and land gone strange, and bring back life to the barren range.

Return the water that we may drink, and clear our minds so we may think.

Return the spark of life’s sweet fire, and give new hope for those we sire.

Make good this land that has gone strange, and foster forth this Time of Change.





























Coldplay – Paradise (Peponi) African Style (ft. guest artist, Alex Boye) – ThePianoGuys














Even in 2015 It is still our Home Land!

Jag Ensing's photo.
Jag Ensing's photo.





Yes, In protecting their land! They really are fighting for their home land! Even if only over seas protecting poppy plants seeds for Big Companies :( frown emoticon

via Lakota Country Times

As Mount Rushmore celebrates Independence Day, South Dakota’s other great memorial will have its own unique commemoration.
rapidcityjournal.com|By Max B. O’Connell Journal staff











News In The UK !



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UK Column News 3rd July 2015 – News the Queen, Zionists and Pedophiles Don’t Want You to Hear



















As you barbecue your brats and burgers….food for thought this farce of July.

Orpheus's photo.

On April 8th spring of 1756 Governor Robert Morris of Pennsylvania offered cash bounties for the scalps of Delaware and Shawnee people. In front of a large group of people on the steps of Philadelphia’s courthouse Morris announced huge bounties for any subjects willing to “pursue, take, kill, and destroy the Delaware Indians” in volunteer scalping parties.

He would pay 150 Spanish pieces of eight for men over 12, 130 Spanish pieces of eight for women and children, 130 Spanish pieces of eight for scalps. These scalping parties were “the only way to clear our Frontier of Savages” according to Morris’s councilor James Hamilton. As a result, hundreds of innocent Native Americans were killed.

Dozens of Indians sculpted and killed in the winter of 1874 by the Pegans. All were riddled with bullet holes & every one scalped. Most of them had their shirts & every one had a gash in their side. Bodies were shriveled up and skin was rotten.

No less then 800,000 Indians “disappeared into extinction” since 1900.
40,000 to 100,000 died, 1957-68.
The Indian population of Brazil declined from a half million in 1900 to 80 thousand in 1957 to 50 thousand in 1973. Whether the 450,000 missing Indians were assimilated or exterminated is not certain, but a significant number were probably victims of genocide.

Indian population of Brazil declined from 1.0M to 0.2M between 1900 and 1957, a net loss of 800,000 Porter estimates that 100,000 Brazilian Indians were victims of genocide during the 1960s.
87 Indian tribes in Brazil went extinct between 1900 and 1957 (Out of an original 230) This, by the way, is the authoritative study of Brazilian Indian population, which is why every other author discussing the decline of Indian population uses 1957 as a milestone.



























































The provision was tucked in a 1,648-page bill that was approved in the final days of the last session of Congress.













Well…. you know what Independence Day meant for Natives, right?

Clam Chowder, Corn, Lobster: Fourth of July Summer Classics Were “Borrowed” From Natives


Did they “borrow” our soup, too?


Carol Lopez, Mashpee Wampanoag tribal elder, demonstrates her cooking skills with Quahog Chowder. (Judith Goetz)
Carol Lopez, Mashpee Wampanoag tribal elder, demonstrates her cooking skills with Quahog Chowder. (Judith Goetz)
Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2015/07/04/they-stole-our-soup-native-origins-new-england-clam-chowder-160891
Carol Lopez, Mashpee Wampanoag tribal elder, makes jewelry and other works of art from the quahog shells, the source for wampum. (Judith Goetz)

Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2015/07/04/they-stole-our-soup-native-origins-new-england-clam-chowder-160891

We Love This Land  As It Is Our Home!



The UN Is Planning to Migrate Americans From California, Followed by the Entire Southwest – Dave…


Cori GunnellsGeoengineering Toxins- The Air We Breathe!
Yesterday at 11:26am ·

My comment to Dave Hodges –
Dave, you are correct about weather warfare being used to cause the drought in California and the desert SW. These areas are ‘targeted’. The climate has been deliberately ‘engineered’ (climate engineering/geoengineering) to achieve this result. It has prevented the normal hydrological cycle from delivering precipitation to California (and the SW/W) and can be seen on a daily basis – aerosols sprayed from planes sequester the moisture that should fall, and RF/HAARP mechanisms steer or migrate it elsewhere (further east, resulting in the deluges in TX, OK, and other states). Global warming is as real as the nose on your face, and big gas/oil has spent millions upon millions on disinformation campaigns to make sure the public remains duped. It’s greed and control – yes UN driven population control. How people can ignore the evidence that can be seen is beyond me – drought, record breaking temps, rising sea surface temps, algae blooms, phytoplankton die off that is causing the food chain to crash, rapid forest die offs, UV radiation readings that are off the charts, peeling bark off trees and making it next to impossible to maintain gardens and orchards (the aerosols decimate our protective ozone layer), melting glaciers and ice caps, out of control forest fires (the aerosol particulates are desiccants and accelerants) etc… Geoengineering is a ‘major tool or arm’ of the globalists, used to achieve their goals. I have no doubt JH is set in place to manage the outcome. None of this is good. None of this is in the best interest of the population. Disinformation is running at full tilt. Do ‘more’ homework, and understand how all of this ties in. The Pacific Ocean is in it’s death throes, fresh water is disappearing, not being refreshed through the normal cycles, vegetation is dying, approximately 200-250 plant/animal species are going extinct daily, and we are next… http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/engineered-drought-cata…/

The UN Is Planning to Migrate Americans From California, Followed by the Entire Southwest – Dave…

The UN Is Planning to Migrate Americans From California, Followed by the Entire Southwest













Eugenics in the United States Today: Are We on the Same Path Nazi Germany Followed?

Just remember that the Bilderberg Group, the Concept of Corporatism and New World Order are Nazi Creation. Now do the math…


Eugenics in the United States Today: Are We on the Same Path Nazi Germany Followed?

The word Eugenics means

Creating an Elite Class of Super Humans

















Diplomatic Immunity - Learn it, Earn it, Live it's photo.

This about sums it up for all televised network news and big name newspapers. They’re all controlled by a handful of the same investors who all use the same “talking points” and dribble off the same script every single day with only minor variations of opinions about the talking points without ever exploring the possibility that the talking point may be a distraction or even untrue.










FALSE FLAG ALERT: Craigslist Ad Asking for CRISIS ACTORS in Houston For JULY 4th | The Daily Sheeple

According to a Craigslist ad posted about 17 days ago, our Federal Government is looking for crisis actors for July 4th through July 6th.























parkeremily666New Picture












Everybody is acting :(







After pictures! Oops!


















 Same children years later ! I really am glad they are alive! But people were robbed of millions of dollars in feeling sorry for the fake deaths ! It was a money maker! Be aware of any Drills and fake injuries or deaths in the future!













Little Running Deer on June 18th, 2015
Little Running Deer on June 6th, 2015

 Be sure and read all of part 1!






Headquarters is coming unglued with The Black Pope plus White Popes and with Their Ninth Circle Satanic Murdering Cult with Italy’s mafia  under fire for stealing babies, children,young women for the Cult to rape and murder!  Ndrangheta, Italy’s huge criminal syndicate that provides children for Ninth Circle sacrificial rituals!   Human Trafficking Rings are falling apart! So what do they do now? Who takes over their NWO s-x  Criminals  Pedophiles Trafficking Rings?













Antonio Sanchez shared a link.

queen Elizabeth Found Guilty in Missing Children Case – Whistle Blowers Incarcerated » CloakedTruth

In the second week of May 2014, British soldier Vivian Cunningham was drugged and institutionalized against his will. Apparently, his “crime” on May 6 was daring to…










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UK Column News 22nd June 2015 – News the Queen and Her Pedophile Pals Don’t Want You To Hear












Alright, That all shows the mess the NWO Leadership is in !


Next, here is what they do to their puppet workers or cause them to do! Oops!

Yet Another Banker Commits Suicide | The Daily Sheeple

Whatever his reasons were, they’ve been taken to the grave like so many bankers before him.



DEAD: 125 SCIENTISTS, 75 HIGH-LEVEL BANKERS, AND WITHIN 24 HOURS 3 INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS http://asheepnomore.net/…/dead-125-scientists-75-high-leve…/













Gavin Nascimento's photo.

For the past several years I have literally made it my business to research and understand the mind of the ruling class past, present and in ancient times. As a result, I have come to discover that their indifference to the rest of life, particularly other humans, which then leads to major exploitation, is the root cause of the overwhelming suffering on this planet.

When you understand how they think [a very small group of individuals and families who control the system at large], which is that the overwhelming majority are here to serve them and are viewed as nothing more than commodities, the state of the world is easy to make sense of.

They will do everything they can to distract us from their parasitic presence and methodical manipulation, and they will always put fourth their best efforts to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they continue to exploit us.

It is our job to be patient and understanding with one another, since we are largely in the same position of trying to make a way in this unjust system that they have designed to keep us trapped in, and instead educate and empower one another to become stronger and rise above this cruel world they have created.

‪#‎StandTogether‬ ‪#‎AnotherWorldisPossible‬

* If anyone knows the artist of this image please comment below or inbox me so I can give them credit


















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Ron Paul’s Warning: Big Changes Coming for the US Economy


Ron Paul’s Warning: Big Changes Coming for the US Economy

Starting His own Insurance Company or Bank?


Beware as they try to stay on your good side.






133 Nations Vow To Destroy America’s NWO  military branch with their weather War Games on the World?

Exposing the climate geoengineering cover-up
















Antonio Sanchez's photo.











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How Iceland Achieved Economic Recovery by Jailing Bankers – No Bail-Out, But Jail Time







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All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars – And Our Soldiers Are Dying For Corporate Profits



 Bankers shaking hands

Written and spoken by Michael Rivero. The written version is here: http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/allwarsarebankerwars.php Video by Zane Henry. Th…

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15 hrs · WordPress · July 6.  2015

In the Face Of Global Banker Fraud: “We Gave an Example of Democracy” says Greek Prime Minister









Victory: Hungary Orders The Rothschild Banks To Leave The Country

Hungary kicks out the international Monetary Fund | NEON NETTLE – Music, Entertainment and Alternative News.

neonnettle.com|By Neon Nettle












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With Corrupt Bankers Jailed; Iceland Rises From Ashes of Banking Crisis – And Says “Screw The Corrupt EU”








THRIVE: Highlights From Our Global Financial Update

Following up on predictions we made six months ago, tracking trends and sharing new insights, here are some highlights from our ThriveTogether Global Financial Update Live Event last weekend.


We hope you’ll tune in and share this information.


Toward a thriving world,

Foster, Kimberly and The THRIVE Team 




Like us on FacebookVisit our blogFollow us on Twitter





Resources to help stop the TPP and TTIP

Resources for Building Alternative Systems

Global Financial Update Resources

Outlook and Trends

Gold and China




Global Domination Agenda



Beware as they try to stay on your good side.











Tune in for some truly Good News – meaningfully inspiring, grounded in solutions,

offering real evidence that a shift is happening.



Toward a thriving world,

Foster, Kimberly and The THRIVE Team 













US False Flag Drills?

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False Flage News: Charleston Shooting Hoax: Emanuel AME Church OPEN ALREADY???

























 People say NO!!!!!!! You had enough!!!!!!!




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“OXI” European Banks Were Bailed Out, Not the People of Greece













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16 hrs · WordPress · July 6. 2015

A Blow to Global Financial Corruption: Greece!! A Win for Everyoe in the World! – Birthplace of Democracy Says ‘Hell No!!’













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· WordPress ·

Bilderberg/IMF Loan Sharks Confident Greece Will Make Repayment While Bankers and Stockbrokers Get Away With Global Financial Fraud


























Federative Republic of Brazil
President: Dilma Rousseff
Russian Federation
President: Vladimir Putin
Prime Minister: Dmitry Medvedev
Republic of India
President: Pranab Mukherjee
Prime Minister: Narendra Modi
People’s Republic of China
President: Xi Jinping
Premier: Li Keqiang


In economics, BRIC is a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are all deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development. It is typically rendered as “the BRICs” or “the BRIC countries” or “the BRIC economies” or alternatively as the “Big Four”. A related acronym, BRICS, includes South Africa.

The acronym was coined in 2001 by Jim O’Neill from investment bankGoldman Sachs in a paper entitled “Building Better Global Economic BRICs.”[1][2][3][4] The acronym has come into widespread use as a symbol of the apparent shift in global economic power away from the developed G7 economies towards the developing world.

Projections on the future power of the BRIC economies vary widely. Some sources suggest that they might overtake the G7 economies by 2027.[5] More modestly, Goldman Sachs has argued that, although the four BRIC countries are developing rapidly, it was only by 2050 that their combined economies could eclipse the combined economies of the current richest countries of the world.[6]












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Vatican speaker and California Governor in push for massive depopulation… talk of ‘Planetary…

Vatican speaker and California Governor in push for massive depopulation… talk of ‘Planetary Court’ and removal of 6 billion people under new ‘Earth Constitution’ and…













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Bill Gates Population Control Through Vaccinations Program in Full Swing: California Mandates Poisoning Children SB277 Vaccine Bill Passes


Carlos TheZilla published an article on WordPress.
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NEWS RECAP: Genocidal Alliance – The Truth About Bill Gates Foundation Depopulation Agenda – Through Vaccinations



















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Huge Wild Fire Sweeps Across California at Alarming Pace














What the Royal Family Doesn’t Want YOU To See! Zion King ~ Part 9



 Murder off all Adults on the planet! Only save a few children.

Patrick Roddie's photo.
Patrick Roddie's photo.
Patrick Roddie's photo.
Patrick Roddie's photo.
Patrick Roddie's photo.




























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Fracking Nightmare in Lancashire. 38 Degrees
























The UN Is Planning to Migrate Americans From California, Followed by the Entire Southwest – Dave…

The UN Is Planning to Migrate Americans From California, Followed by the Entire Southwest



















































 Robbers / Murders Rule via control of  world’s money!









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Sex Abuse by UN “Peace” Troops Becoming Global Scandal


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UK Pedophile News: Lord’s of the Paedophiles – Royal Darlings Who Rape Children






















Stop the Convicted Criminal Jorge Bergoglio!



For Crimes against Humanity, Child Trafficking, complicity in torture and murder in Argentina,  and presiding over a convicted criminal syndicate


This Convicted criminal, JORGE BERGOGLIO, is being given aid and comfort by the United Nations and the United States government, both of whom have invited BERGOGLIO to speak under their auspices during his visits to New York City and Washington DC, during the week of September 24, 2015.

An International Common Law Arrest Warrant was issued against BERGOGLIO on July 18, 2014, after he was lawfully convicted of these crimes.

Police and citizens are instructed to immediately detain BERGOGLIO and deny him all aid and comfort. Please report his whereabouts to the sworn common law Sheriffs and their deputies in your community.


Issued by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (www.itccs.org)













Child Sacrifice Ritual stopped, and Pope Francis set to resign:

An Update from Kevin Annett in Montreal

August 19, 2014, 930 pm EST

On August 15, our Direct Action Unit Alpha Team stopped a planned child sacrificial ritual in the Outremont district of Montreal, and arrested and interrogated two members of the Ninth Circle cult. (see www.itccs.org, August 17)

The two Ninth Circle cult members arrested in the action on 15 August were released the following day to the Montreal police for further questioning, after being interrogated by the DAU team. Neither of the cult members has requested legal counsel, and one of them has agreed to cooperate with the Common Law Court in its prosecution of the Ninth Circle. This member is now under protective custody.

The Court’s Permanent Commission of Inquiry will commence its work on September 1, 2014 by expanding the investigation into global child trafficking and sacrifice beyond the Roman Catholic Church in order to prosecute the criminal, financial and corporate associates of the church and their joint role in trading and murdering children. These corporations will include the Cargill corporation, Sinclair Oil, HSBC, and the Cameco Uranium corporation, along with the criminal syndicate known as Ndrangheta.

The Court has ascertained that its exposure of the Ninth Circle cult operation in Montreal is directly responsible for the recent public remarks of the convicted felon Pope Francis – Jorge Bergoglio that he “may be dead within two or three years” and may resign from his office. The Court also believes that the same exposure accounts for today’s sudden death of three of Pope Francis’ relatives in Argentina. Sources within Ndrangheta, Italy’s huge criminal syndicate that provides children for Ninth Circle sacrificial rituals, state that its leaders are directly pressuring the Vatican to silence or depose Pope Francis in the wake of his criminal conviction and the Ninth Circle exposure in Montreal.








The Court Judgement and Arrest Order against Pope Francis and others

Dear Common Law workers, Attached are the following pdf documents, for your collective use: 1. The Brussels Common Law Court Judgement and Order concerning the guilt of Bergoglio, Pachon and Welby; 2. The Court’s Citizens’ Arrest Warrant against these three; … Continue reading











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UK Column News 8th June 2015 – News The Queen Does Not Want You To Hear











Why is Canada still lying about how four Indian boys died? A Post-Mortem Study of how a Crime Carries On

“I have been placed in the awkward predicament of sustaining the claim that the boys were fully dressed in winter garments, when of course they were discovered clad only in light summer clothing lacking even overcoats and footwear. To allege they were merely trying to visit their parents over the holiday does not correspond with the facts of their deaths.”

Dr. C.W. Pitts to Indian Agent R.H. Moore, January 4, 1937, after the Coroner’s Inquiry into the deaths

Two days later:

“(The) Inquest showed (the) boys did not run away from school because of ill treatment but to spend holidays with parents.”

Dr. C.W. Pitts to Moore, January 6, 1937

(From RG 10 series, Department of Indian Affairs, File R 7733)


By Kevin D. Annett

 “It takes only one man to commit a crime but an entire community to conceal it” – Krishnamurti


The picture of their corpses appeared on the internet suddenly and conveniently this year. It was in fact the first time an image of dead residential school children was ever shown to the Canadian public, which says a lot. But why now, and why this particular photograph?

Hold on to that question.

There are only three Indian boys in the picture, but four of them were said to have died: frozen to death on January 2, 1937 after fleeing from the Lejac Catholic school in central British Columbia. In the photo, the features of the three boys show no trauma, but are composed, their hair combed, and their arms tied neatly across their chests. Their corpses are also garbed in heavy winter clothing.

Someone dressed them up that way after they died, and posed their bodies for the camera.

The first Coroner’s report claimed that the boys were not found in winter clothes but rather in “light summer clothing, lacking even overcoats and footwear.” Clearly, something terrible enough caused these boys to flee from the Lejac Indian school in the depth of night, in a blizzard, with only the clothes on their back. A cover story of their wanting to “visit their parents” was made up after the fact.

The same Coroner also reported that one of the boys had still been alive when their bodies were found. But the final Inquiry report says that all the boys were dead when discovered. So what happened to that fourth boy? Read  more >








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Zionist Queen Liz Visits Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp – For a Victory Lap? After All, Semitic Zionists Set-Up the Real Jews in the First Place and UK Gave Palestine to Zionists



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Double Speak News: Bilderberg Strumpet David Cameron Plans EU Campaign Focusing on ‘Risky’ Impact of UK Exit



 Look who’s talking!

Article: Pope Francis Calls Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalism a Sickness

Pope Francis has been very clear about how he feels about ideological purity in religion. He’s been particularly critical of right-wing Christian fundamentalism….





Carlos TheZilla

 June 2015

Pope Francis is also a Corporate Zionist Poodle and a part of the corrupt New World Order. Zionist Cancer has infected the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Catholic Faiths since their leadership are all but selected by Zionist Bilderberg Strumpets. Even within the Buddhist community you will find Zionist Stooges: EXAMPLE: General Than Shwe of Burma for he’s about as Buddhist as Porky Pig but he and his minions proclaim to be Buddhists while murdering ethnic minorities for corporate interests in the process. Pope Francis is a Zionist shill, so beware.

CatholicHerald.co.uk » Pope Francis is unduly pessimistic about the world

Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato si’, is an important contribution to the theology and morality of the earth’s ecology in the context of an holistic conception of the human person. It follows in the footsteps of his…









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Beastly Pope Francis Throws Up Illuminati 666 Hand-Gesture in Odd Climate Change Rabble

































Even a fake royal family for 500 years!  :(




RECAP: Royal Family Incest, Rape, Pedophilia & Bestiality – Our Presidential Bloodline


What the ‘Royal Family’ Doesn’t Want You to See VIDEOS


What the Royal Family Doesn’t Want YOU To See!

Zion King ~ Part 10



What the Royal Family Doesn’t Want YOU To See!

Zion King ~ Part 11 




What the Royal Family Doesn’t Want YOU To See!

Zion King ~ Part 12




Quit trying to take over Mother Earth,  if you hate it so much and can’t even behave yourselves morally while living among people! Mother Earth is not yours to own anyway! She was a free gift as a home to all  living creatures! With once upon a time, clean air, free clean food and free clean water for all!



How about the Creator of the Universe just taking it back?





 I have to stop and take a Music Break at times



Not Good or kind, is the Wrong type of worship, in raping and murdering children!


These Sick Minds, wanting you to bow down to them ?






Here We Go Back In Time!




UK, Phony Tony and his Cronies

Posted in Europe with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on January 10, 2010 by Buffalohair

It should be apparent to the folks in the UK that Tony Blair and his merry band of thugs have crippled England’s economy. His lackey Gordon Brown has prostituted the UK and her industries to foreign investors. In the meantime Tony went on to sell England to China in one of his whirlwind junkets to China in recent months. Now the UK is reeling from Tony and Gordon’s version of *Disaster Capitalism as they usher in the New World Order at the expense of Britons sovereignty and democracy.

Tony and Gordon should be considered a traitor for the wholesale acts of treason they’ve committed during their tenure in England. The victims of their pandering to international corporate interests are the populations of the UK. jobs are sailing out of the country even before some employees get their termination slips. With China and India unencumbered by environmental and labor laws, England can’t compete since manufacturing costs make Asia the frugal alternative. It’s all about the money and the corporate bottom line. As for the people of England, forget about it Paisan. Tony and Gordy sold their nation to the highest bidder in one of the most reprehensible acts of treason in recorded history.

UK Trade and Investment along with Gordon Brown have dedicated their time to pandering to China while Brit’s continue to loose jobs and their way of life. Gordon Brown was quoted saying in a speech at the **CBI annual conference;

“Over a very short time more than 400 Chinese companies have come to Britain. In our new growth strategy I want not just hundreds but thousands of Chinese companies in Britain and British companies in China.”

Yup, like water through a tin horn English jobs are heading to China while China invests in the UK. They are now number 8 in over 50 countries who’ve invested in the UK since Tony Blair set out to sell England. The UK citizen has been left to fend for themselves as corrupt profiteers and select UK politicians sliced up and sold a nation they were once loyal to. It’s reprehensible to note Gordon Brown has laid down the welcome mat for China with perks not available to the average English citizen. Perks offer 6-12 months rent-free office, industrial or warehouse space on business parks, assist in recruitment and provide ongoing help and support needed to establish a successful business. This is Gordon’s “Soft Landing” package designed to lure more Chinese firms into the void left by the outgoing industries heading to China.

England is going broke but it’s nice to know Gordon and Tony have secured the fortunes of industrialists and foreign nations. But what do you expect from followers of George Bush’s New World Order AND THE Globalization scam. Just remember how Tony pandered to George W. Bush then dumped the UK with Gordon Brown to do his dirty work while he toured China. Wonder if Tony got a chance to view China’s lucrative Gulag system (slave labour camps)? After all, economics and commerce can not be disrupted by silly human rights issues or crimes against humanity. It’s just not profitable and could negatively impact the corporate bottom line.

Gordon’s dream of a New World Order has come to pass, if you remember how he salaciously embraced this axiom while taking US Bail-Out money that disappeared into the coffers of banking officials. His cronies continue to destroy England’s sovereignty and robbing her industries while leaving the British population in economic ruin proving one thing, Gordon Brown is a traitor to his nation along with the merry band of thugs who’ve sold their nations and their patriotism. Globalization is a cancer that is only designed to benefit corporations. Small wonder Gordon Brown has to pop pills since there is no question he is haunted guilt from his betrayal. If Lord Horatio Nelson were alive today he would keelhaul Gordon, Tony and the rest of the criminals who’ve hijacked the UK for personal monetary gain.

* http://www.naomiklein.org/shock-doctrine


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Benjamin Franklin on Homeland Security;

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both”





















Obama and Brown, Unholy Alliance

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Globalization and the New World Order are coming together at a blinding pace it would appear since US President Barack and England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown conspire to *globalize banking. A tax or surcharge on banks internationally as well as limiting the sizes of banks Obama and Brown are proposing are more than just regulatory. Enter the New World Order and the fabled global solution to the world’s economic crises.

Thinly veiled as an attempt to cure world wide financial difficulties this twosome is actually trying to usher in a key element to the Globalization of the planet, financial institutions. Granted banks and mortgage companies have much to atone for but globalizing, taxing and ultimately controlling the size of banks is flat out wrong. This action will skew national sovereignty by removing a nation’s financial institutions from their national jurisdiction since banks will no longer be a part of the nation they reside in. Nations will be subservient to an entity who dictates the nation’s financial future, plain and simple.

It is Disaster Capitalism at its best as the push for the New World Order goes stellar with this Trojan Horse designed to make all nations subservient financially. That means your home town bank will be controlled by foreign entities and subject to regulations they impose on an international scale. Your country will be powerless to stop egregious controls, fees and regulatory requirements since the financial aspect of the nation will be out of their jurisdiction.

Gordon Brown has become one of the most loathed men in England with his pandering to foreign interests and selling off England’s industries to China and India. The fact he was not elected to this position further adds to the disdain Brits have for this man. He was selected by George W. Bush Lackey, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who embraced GW’s New World Order. Tony did more to purposefully cripple the economy than Margaret Thatcher in his tenure. The selection of minion Gordon Brown by Tony was the death nil of England’s industries in favor of international corporations.

George W. Bush pushed American to the brink of financial ruin intentionally. Then like a tag team Barack Hussein Obama plunged the knife squarely in the backs of his electorate to finish the job GW stated. Predictably this unholy alliance with Gordon Brown will be billed as the “Global Solution” for the evils of the banking industry when in fact it’s a major move to globalize the planet. There is no question the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and the United Nations will rally in support of this veiled world take over of financial institutions. They are poised to take over the reigns whence national sovereignties become a non issue and it will be a hand full of people who will profiteer from the world population.

Already written into NAFTA, CAFTA and other trade alliances are the disillusionment of sovereignties in favor of corporations who want to mine natural resources. Throughout the Americas nations have to pay **private corporations millions in violations for refusing to allow them to mine on sovereign land. I bet they did not read the fine print when they agreed to join these economic unions since sovereignty is effectively nullified. Pascal Lamy and his merry band of thugs from the WTO laugh all the way to the bank.

Now financial institutions face regulations and restrictions from sources not from the nation they reside, talk about a hostile corporate take over. And you had better believe national sovereignty will soon give way to the New World Order in financial markets with this seemingly innocuous tax and regulation. The final obstacle will be convincing the masses that global solutions will save their fortunes. The price people will pay is the loss of their national sovereignty and ultimately their civil liberties. Disaster Capitalism at its best.

* http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard-business/article-23799753-bankers-unite-against-barack-obama-and-gordon-brown-in-a-call-for-world-regulation.do

** http://upsidedownworld.org/main/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1637:canadian-company-threatens-el-salvador-with-free-trade-lawsuit-over-mining-project&catid=36:el-salvador&Itemid=74


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Ushering In The New World Order

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What was supposed to be the State of the Union Address turned into a partisan attack on the Republican Party and the Supreme Court last night when Barack Obama lashed out at his dissenters. He used the podium to continue to stump for his Healthcare and criminally flawed environmental agendas in an act of defiance. “I don’t quit” was the apparent theme and true to form he continued his campaign rhetoric about helping the middle class. Except for the jabs he made, this so called State of the Union Address sounded like other more eloquent speeches he’s made during his unending campaign, writhe with promises and false hopes, again.

Noticeably he was pandering to the crowd about Bank reforms but he failed to mention how he and Gordon Brown wanted to impose taxes and control banks internationally. This scheme would take banks and financial concerns out of the hands of sovereign nations and into the hands of a small group of corporatists with no national loyalties. Banking on the fears of economic collapse and other fraudulent claims, their scheme would force the vast majority of legitimate financial institutions to pay fees and taxes for the crimes of an absolute minority of institutions who were bailed out including AIG. Absent was Hillary Clinton who was rubbing noses with Gordon Brown as they continued to stump for “Global” controls of all financial institutions in London. It is funny how he failed to bring up this attempt strip nations of financial sovereignty in favor of the New World Order.

His stimulus packages, notably the Renewable Energy scheme, have given the lion’s share of US taxpayer money and jobs to China to the tune of over $850,000,000. But the most reprehensible crime both the Democratic and Republican party are guilty of is not addressing the continued foreclosures of American’s homes. Why is it so hard to put a freeze on foreclosures? The banks are not hurting for money nor do they need shelter and food for their families. Simply put, foreclosures are the cash cows of the lending industry and both Democrats and Republicans at the top of this pyramid scheme are cashing in on American suffering. AIG was a classic example of how both sides of the political arena profiteered at the expense of the taxpayer. Of course Obama pitched for his lackey Tim Geitner who earlier that day was grilled for his criminality in the AIG fiasco. Body language tells volumes and Geitner was lying his butt off.

Be prepared for President Pinocchio’s pitch for a global solution for those nasty bankers who crippled the US economy. Just remember that it was only a few banks that were not solvent and if you did your homework you would know that members of both parties were heavily invested in these fraudulent banks including AIG. The reality is, if these banks were left to fail, like they should have, other legitimate banks would have been picked up the slack. Securities would not have disappeared causing a financial melt down like these thugs claim. They were only protecting their cash cows and personal retirement accounts, not ours. Chris Dodd and Tim Geitner should have been marched to jail for their roles in the intentional destruction of the US economy. And to think our government was trying to broker a deal that would protect AIG from disclosing their records. How far beyond stupid is that?  

Sure Obama is pulling out of Iraq, GW Bush made sure to reintroduce corporations into the country. Funny how GW brought corporations back to Iraq on the very same day Saddam Hussein tossed them out back in the 70’s. Obama failed to also mention that troops pulled from Iraq would be headed to Afghanistan. And now there is a proposal to bribe the Taliban with $500,000,000 of US taxpayer dollars. What about all those fluffy speeches about how the Taliban was the bad guy? Apparently that was simply for public consumption to justify war for profit. Don’t forget Gitmo and his defunked plan to close that hell hole while giving terrorists American rights in the process. Speaking of GI’s he also made the claim that he pushed an improved GI Bill of some kind. Sadly he also failed to mention that GI’s continued to complain that the government was lax in answering the phones and returning calls for the vast majority of GI’s with tried to take advantage of this fabled GI Bill. This is a scandal unto itself if anyone was paying attention.

So its business as usual in the land of corruption as our steward’s move forward in crippling our economy since it’s Disaster Capitalism as usual. We will be pushed to the brink of starvation then offered a steak. Sadly it will be laced with arsenic since it will be the Trojan Horse of Globalization and the New World Order. Obama’s Irish side of his lineage is showing since it is obvious he has kissed the blarney stone and has prevaricated his way into the hearts of millions with more false hopes and veiled threats. Like it or not his State of the Union was a power play as he prepares to strike a fatal blow on the Constitution of the United States of America.

People will buy into the corporate scheme to Globalize though. Like lemmings society will compromise their liberty for a little financial reward. This was a part of prophecy as well since it was said that mankind would willingly march to the gates of tyranny. But it was also said Ma Earth would throws a monkey wrench in the works humbling all of humanity. Money would become worthless and not a spot on Earth would be spared from change. Globalization is tyranny at its best and the New World Order is a fascist concept. Remember what Benito Mussolini once said;

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

Personally, it is exciting to watch as the time of change takes hold but no one is paying attention. To witness prophecy come to pass right before my very eyes is awesome to say the very least. Surviving the tumultuous events that lay in store for humanity is really a non issue for me. Our time on Earth is but a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things. But it is heartening to know this era of lies and greed will soon come to a close and I am happy knowing that the time of retribution is at hand for all of humanity. But don’t think it’s going to be an easy ride since everyone will face these turbulent times in equality since material wealth will have no meaning. We all will forage for sustenance and shelter.

The millions of homeless and forgotten Americans are already well prepared to survive the coming Earth changing events. One day all of humanity will be humbled as survival becomes the order of the day. Many people will choose suicide over foraging for the basics of survival such as clean drinking water and food. Others will adjust and continue on as a new tribe of people. So in retrospect we really can’t place blame on Barack Obama, Gordon Brown or the rest of these corporatists for they were selected to guide humanity down the path of false idealism and material consequences. It was their destiny to be the Pied Pipers who rallied people to their own demise for that was prophesized as well. They will usher in the New World Order, that is a given. But I can guarantee the New World Order will not be the one they are expecting and you can take that to the bank Paisan, capice?

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The Forgotten American’s

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After all the dust has settled and the confetti swept from the floor neither Democrat nor Republican mentioned the on going plight of Americans who continue to be tossed out of their homes. Foreclosures have increased and have become a cottage industry as advertisement after advertisement boasts of “available” homes to be auctioned off. It is funny, in a dark sort of way, how wealthy corporations can get bail-out after bail-out as well as stimulus money while taxpayers struggle to keep their homes and some semblance of dignity.

Not one peep came from the mouths of our politicians when it comes to the 10’s of millions of Americans who’ve lost or will loose their homes and that is in excusable. What will it take for these boneheads to ask for a freeze on foreclosures? People lost their jobs from the lack of good governance by politicians who were supposed to work on behalf of the people not corporations. Now jobs and opportunities have gone to countries with no labor laws or environmental constraints leaving their loyal employees behind to fend for themselves.

Though it’s not a good vision I know we will soon be at odds with China placing US corporations who have relocated to Asia in the crosshairs of Chinese wrath. And it will serve them right when they are arrested and their assets ceased by the Chinese Communist Party. Their greed will have paid dividends for the callous disregard they showed the US workers. The price for cheap slave labor will be their lives in many cases and I will have no pity on them since they had no pity on us. Hey I don’t write these visions, I only report what I see and like it or not we are heading towards war and it will not be pretty for westerners who will be caught in the crossfire. Ironically some will be taken captive and never seen again. Chances are they will be working in slave labor camps they once profiteered from and it will serve them right.

According to businessmen who’ve worked in China they witnessed the military building and building their arsenal. Many heard scuttlebutt about the future war with the West from Chinese handlers. Tensions are growing stronger by the day between the West and Asia. It almost appears intentional since the West is trying to push Russia’s buttons as well. What have we become? It would serve Tony Blair and Bill Clinton right to be enslaved in one of the many Gulags since they sold their countries industrial might and jobs to China. Their minions Gordon Brown and Barack Obama would fit right in as well. And their pleas for help would go unanswered just like the Americans and Britons who lost their homes and jobs to Chinese interests.

But all good things must come to pass since Earth Changes will soon take center stage throwing the aspirations of all nations in a quagmire as disasters alter the course of their histories. In fact, Earth Changes will alter the course everyone’s histories. I find solace in knowing Ma Earth will have the final say though. One thing I can tell you for sure, people will survive the changes. It will truly be a new world order but not the new world order our corrupt politicians were bargaining for either. Now that’s “Change We Need”. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom.

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Globalization, The Beginning or The End?

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So much for national sovereignty since the final nail was pounded in the coffin of America’s sovereignty with the globalization of our financial institutions. Predictably Obama proposed a *“Global” solution to our banking crisis marking the end of national sovereignty by imposing international laws on once American lending institutions. This was the final hurdle in the Globalization New World Order scheme perpetrated by corporatists. Disaster Capitalism at its best and you were asleep at the wheel.

Benjamin Franklin once said;

They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security”

In all reality this was meant to happen. Its written in prophecies from around the world. Globalization and the colonization of Earth was just a sign that verified we are living in this time of change. So rather than get your boxers in a knot and run for the hills you better prepare for some very turbulent times. The Earth is about to cut loose with a myriad of tectonic and meteorological events that will surly wow the folks back home. It will be better than any HBO Special or pay per view ever produced. As for the corporatists who thought they just cut a fat hog in the ass, well their newly ill gotten gains will soon become worthless since material consequence will be meaningless in the years to come. Poetic justice, don’t you think?

There are other events just around the corner that many cultures were warned about but nobody paid attention as usual. There are no green solutions to Earth Changes. You can’t buy your way out of it with Carbon Credits or electric cars either. Windmills and solar panels will simply be blown off the face of the Earth as more 200+ mph winds begin to take its toll on humanity. We will also learn first hand how wooly mammoths were quick frozen in mid stride while chewing their food.  Besides, if you paid attention to visions and prophecy you would also know electricity will cease to function since the physics behind it all will soon change. This is a cycle Ma Earth was on long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Al Gore first tried to capitalize on naturally occurring events. Economics and greed will give way to survival as clean drinking water becomes more valuable then Blackberries and fancy gold trinkets. A gram of salt will be almost priceless. Paper money will not buy a slice of bread but find a home in latrines around the world.  

In the meantime let the kids play with their doubloons and stolen bounty because it will soon be meaningless in the grand scheme of things. As the noose tightens around civilization and desperation ensues wars will break out as nations struggle to stay in existence just like they did in the Little Ice Age (1600 to 1800 ad). Only thing is, this one will be the mother of them all. Just remember, the time of change is not the end of the world like the media likes to portray. It’s the end of a cycle and the key to survival is written in every dogma on Earth. From the Hopi to the Hunkpapa old timers tried to warn humanity but nobody listened. Personally, I am elated that we are poised to see events never before witnessed by modern civilization. And we all will have a ringside seat boys and girls.

Funny, I just talked to my brother back on the rez about this very thing today. And yup, we have our lawn chairs at the ready along with a case of ice tea to sip as the world runs around like chickens with their heads off. It’s that tea that comes in giant green cans. That way I don’t have to get refills and possibly miss all the excitement, you know. Maybe get some “end of the world” pretzels and pig skins to munch on. That’s the ticket. We have Duct Tape and metal cloths hangers back home so survival will not be an issue provided we don’t get whacked first. But if we do, it ain’t nothing but a meatball since we know where we will be going, back home. Sadly, I will miss spell check because of that lack of electricity. So I’ll probably just carve stories on rocks like them other guys did way back when. My people were on survival mode since conquest anyway so not much will change for us. Course my cousins won’t be hitting me up for gas money or rides anymore so there is a bright side to all this eh. Gourd rattles and drums don’t need electricity so our socials will not miss a beat. The end of processed foods and all that modern junk will spell the end of diabetes and other ills we have suffered as well.

I just love a happy ending, don’t you?

* http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/ab5c1fec-0d08-11df-a2dc-00144feabdc0.html

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Egypt: Another Bilderberg Puppet Bites The Dust in the Mid-East

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Earth Changes and the Wave of Madness

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Predictably a wave of madness has entered into the fray as human beings are confronted by less than desirable spirits. The interface between the spirit world and our plain of existence will continue to get more pronounced as time wears on. Yup, this is also a part of prophecy during the time of change. People who have no clue or concept of the spirit world are undoubtedly going off the deep end as they are influenced into committing some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. The slaughter in Arizona is only a public example of what is happening in America and around the globe for people are loosing control and paying more attention to the “voices” in their heads. Continue reading

















Another Corporate Election, Another Pack of Lies, Err Rhetoric

It was nice of the mainstream media to select the next batch of corporate funded candidates. Even the polls have made it a point to steer the public towards one of the hand selected candidates on both sides of the political isle. After all, their parent companies have everything to gain by this selection of corporate lackeys. Corruption at its best and the general public continues to march to the drum of the Pied Pipers of deception. Talk is cheap and that was the lesson we should have learned from the last election snow job we got. How far beyond stupid is that?

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Spirit Wars and Other Stuff We Ignore…

There was not much news to report or repost the last few weeks since in all actuality its old news, ancient I might add. Even I foresaw what is happening in the world today, years ago. Watching as prophecy unfolds has been quite awe inspiring and validating to say the least as scriptures and other sacred texts have virtually come alive. Rot with apocalyptic events and the stuff movies are made of, mankind finds himself in a growing quagmire as events become harder to explain or ignore. Maybe everything is just one big coincidence.

In spite of immense humanitarian challenges man continues to march forward in quest of worldwide financial domination while ambivalent to the cries of their victims. Fortunately it was also stated in prophecy Ma Earth would alter mankind’s fetid rush for the gold. That would be all well and good if it were not for the fact my mountain villa has become earthquake central of the Rockies and I almost lost my TV in the latest shakers to rattle this region. Talk about a front row seat for the end of the world eh; this is better than HBO.

I’ve lost count of the number of quakes that continue to rumble through my neck of the woods. Maybe we are going to witness the birth of a volcano. Boy that will loosen up more of the stucco on my house. They might not have been monster quakes but the duration made them quite destructive. Think it was one of the long rolling quakes that cracked the foundation of this antique house of mine. But this place was built in the 1800’s so I don’t think it was quake resistant anyway. There were some abrupt jolts that tipped my TV over and Mr. Turtle’s house was having a few tsunamis of his own. Unfortunately the epicenter was located underneath a friend’s house and now he is homeless since the shaker totaled his pad as well as other homes and businesses.

It would appear that the world is changing, one person at a time, on a scale that is yet to be understood by the alchemists of this era. If you ask a chum of mine he will tell you first hand how easy it is to become homeless in this day and age. There is a growing army of people who’ve lost their homes for a host of reasons and are now homeless. When their benefits ran out they no longer were statistics and they were left to fend for themselves. In fact millions of people continue to become homeless but their voices are forever shuttered and their plight is all but ignored. They no longer have internet, phone or other means to communicate with the outside world so I guess they are the people of the underworld now. There is no excuse within true civil society that would justify leaving families to fend for them selves. Now bankers are proposing the destruction of repossessed homes simply to keep the prices high. But let’s not talk about it and maybe it will all go away.

Well it’s been a weird two weeks since suicides have become the national pastime. I did not have to travel far to find a story about the rise in suicides in America though. Sadly it was one of my old friends who put a gun to his head and blew his brains out last week. And if that was not enough his oldest daughter took a gun and whacked herself 5 hours later as well, gads. I watched that kid grow up but unfortunately this is an example of what can happen if a person listens to the wrong spirit. The continued interfacing of the spirit world on our plain of existence is probably the single most disastrous aspect of the time of change. No one see’s it coming or is capable of understanding even the rudiments of the supernatural other than what they learned watching mind sop horror movies. Spirits are having a field day convincing people they are G*D’s or some other bogus lie. Sadly it just proves that people may own sacred texts but it does not mean people read it or understand what they read. Now many people are putty in the hands of some very evil spirits who have ill intentions for humanity. And yup, that’s a part of prophecy to. But what do I know; I’m just a drum beating Injun that listens to the wisdom of old buzzards in my caste.

Change has already begun according to a myriad of ancient warnings and predictions, plain and simple. There is not much to try and figure out since many ancient teachings foretell of this era we live, in epic detail. And it’s not the end of the world, geeze. But it really blows me away people are not paying attention to signs and warnings that are basically ‘in your face’. They should put earth change warnings on Happy Meals. Maybe then people will start paying attention to the big picture and not the relatively stupid greed filled world man concocted. Surely bankers did not actually think they were going to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes in this intentional economic disaster. Spirits both good and bad are all over the place. Man might buy into all the false claims of recovery and the eventual excuses for failure but Ma Earth could give a flying crappola for she has other plans. Man and their grandiose plans to colonize the planet to achieve a corporate economic utopia or new world order, at the expense of civil liberties and democracy is destined to fail and will spell the end of an empire that spanned centuries when material wealth becomes meaningless. That’s written in sacred books as well so I guess there is a happy ending in a dark and twisted way. There will be plenty of suffering to go around and you can take that to the bank. For me and my people it will be more of an inconvenience, provided we survive, since we’ve grown quite fond of the iron pony, sweats pants and duct tape. Hmm, how would the native world be without duct tape? Oh the horror….

So if I were you and you planned to survive the more turbulent years that lay ahead you better start paying a little more attention to your sacred books or whatever floats your spiritual canoe. That is where the real survival guide is if you expect to survive the very real physical and spiritual aspects of change. You want to pay attention or else you might end up being one of those boneheads killing their families because some stupid voice told them to. The voices were real, the perpetrator was stupid. But really, who in their right mind would do such crimes against their families because a voice in their head told them to do it. Are people really that lame they would do something so evil just because a voice told them to do so? How far beyond stupid is that? The spirit wars have only begun and it’s bound to get much worse as the two plains of existence clash with greater intensity. If ever there was a time a person should seek out their true spirituality it is now because material wealth will not save a person from bad spirits.

If I survive the change I must admit I will be struggling with the concept of ‘helping those who once caused me harm’. You know, it’s that part where we show humility and reach into the fire to save our enemies. I know I am an imperfect being for only the Creator is a perfect being. So I still struggle with anger management issues, have a raging case of post traumatic stress disorder and struggle with vendetta. In fact I am struggling this very minute. Granted I always struggle with this and bad spirits really play hell on my psyche because my rage button is in plain sight within the spirit world. Lately they’ve been pressing that button like it was Halloween night. We all have those places within our psyche where bad spirits are embraced and their axioms endeared. In any event I am struggling along in life with more than my share of attacks from within the spirit world and these guys are unrelenting at times. Though I am aware it does not give me much of an advantage. On the contrary I believe they screw with me more since they don’t have to mask their intentions. We are on a first name basis so to speak.

Within all dogmatic principles the spirit world is very much alive and coping with butt-crack spirits is the first lesson people must learn. Bad spirits have always screwing with folks throughout history. The spirit world is alive and one would be wise to further enlighten themselves about the spirits that surround them within the custom of their respective dogmas. But don’t get overly enlightened like some folks get, holay. You know the type; they are so uptight about the existence of spirits everything in their home is an alter of some kind, but to each his own. I draw the line when I spot human remains in the fire pit though. Hmm, why does BBQ ribs come to mine slathered in my secret recipe BBQ sauce?

Just realize you are also a spirit and these bonehead spirits who try to influence you in a bad way are not magical just pinheads. Next time a spirit suggests that you bomb a daycare center or roast your new born as a sacrifice, tell them to get screwed. And if they try to freak you out with some lame parlor trick ask them to float you a Pepsi and some Doritos. Additional details in coping with spirit and the time of change are written within your respective dogma and ideological principle.

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Standard & Poor Fraudsters Become Members of the Food Chain

It should be no surprise S&J down graded the US since they were in on the destruction of our economy in the first place. Just remember the fact they were up to their eye lids in corruption that brought down the world economy in the first place. Surely you remember, if not oh well. They and other financial schlocks intentionally crippled world economies while lined their pockets as everyone lost homes and jobs. What do you expect from another Bilderberg lackey since it’s all about colonizing the planet through globalization?

Funny how the crème of the crème of the Bilderberg Cartel are loathsome criminals under investigation like Murdock, Straus Khan and Lagarde but we don’t blink an eye. After all, much of the world media is controlled by butt-crack Bilderberg lackeys. Now S&P has the gall to downgrade America after they were part and parcel responsible for this continuous economic crash. Follow the money and you will discover that the elites of both political parties are invested in China and everything Bilderberg. They should get an Oscar for their latest performance arguing about $300 Billion bucks while trillions go out the back door without a peep from the Bilderberg Press. Or did you catch that eh?

China, a Bilderberg conscript via the Bilderberg/World Trade Organization, has already stated they will no longer loan out cash. Pay attention boys and girls since this has paved the way for American Austerity and the loss of national sovereignty whence the Bilderberg/International Monetary Fund steps in. The loss of national identity, sovereignty and constitution by a nonelected body of criminal trillionaires is the core to the violence when the IMF stepped in and took over the nation, financially. Greece was the first to lose their sovereignty and it’s more than a coincidence this occurred in the birthplace of democracy. Maybe they did not have enough fluoride in their water for mind control. And as we all should know by now, democracy has no place in globalization since they are diametrically opposite to one another.

Welcome to the New World Order since it was always known that the financial side to this world takeover by the elitists was the final obstacle. Do your homework and pay attention. It is funny how the Bilderberg Cartel is filled with descendants of the people who murdered their way through Europe and eventually into the Americas several hundred years ago. Now they are murdering their way into every country on the planet for natural resources and slave labor simply for the corporate bottom line. Greed has come full circle and now everyone will soon know what life is like as a Native American, African or any other tribe or caste of people who were thrown off their land, placed in colonies or simply murdered. Whence the totality of this worldwide takeover is fully realized the world will become filled with blood and flames. Armies will revolt against police forces that have become the henchmen for corrupt politicians. Opps, my bad, they already have in some places on Earth only this time we will have a front row seat. Get your lawn chairs out and your favorite Canadian beer because the fun has already begun and I don’t think there will be any commercial breaks or a halftime show.

Fortunately we are living in the time of great change and this is a part of prophecy as man races for the gold at ALL costs. Sorry boys, Ma Earth has other plans and there is nothing any wizards or astrologers can do to stop this destiny. What comes around goes around and the greed who’ve preyed on societies simply to buy a platinum toilet seat will find themselves picking corn out of cow dung, like the rest of us. Only problem is, they will be marked people who usher in another piece of history that will repeat itself as the planet revisits the era of the French Revolution. Their private armies will turn on them, their wealth will be meaningless and their heads will be mounted on stakes by angry mobs during the “Pandemonium Period” that will ensue. Let them eat cake.

It’s not going to be a pretty time during the transition and it will be hard times for all of us from a multitude of reasons but that’s how it goes. It’s written within sacred texts around the world so this is not a news flash, just a reminder. This is a part of prophecy as well. 2012 only marks the ending and beginning of cycles, not the end of the world but it very well may be the end of the world for those who live on axiom of greed. Keep it up S&P because there are plenty of stakes with your names on it. Goldman Sucks and JP Morgan are just a few criminal cartels who’ve systematically destroyed economies but not a soul went to jail. Bernie Madoff was just a miniscule tip of the ice berg but a classic example of the scum that are trying to financially take over the world, how far beyond stupid is that?

If the world has to revert to cannibalism because of the lack of food just remember the rich are not full of chemicals and hormones since they don’t eat the GMO crappola they feed us. They might be greasy and chock full of triglycerides though. Again, another piece of history waiting to repeat itself so make sure to have a few extra bottles of garlic salt and pepper in your survival pack. I don’t think they would be Kosher or Halal since they are considered ‘Long Pork’. Maybe a bottle or two of Tabasco sauce would be nice. In all reality, I’ll just make my special BBQ sauce. That reminds me, I should also stock up on Mesquite and some fruit woods since I smoke my own meats. Sugar cured Bilderberg Ham, yummy. I’ll pass on the Straus Khan sausage though.

Bon Appétit……

Your Devil’s Advocate

















Time of Change Repartee’

From all indicators everything is moving along as prophesized and change is evident on all plains of existence. If you are not paying attention or don’t buy into any of this; eventually change will be ‘in your face’ and impossible to ignore and make excuses for any longer. For the ‘sensitive or gifted’ people of the earth this time already has become a paranormal extravaganza extraordinaire and a potpourri of supernatural shenanigans and hi-jinks. Some people are OK with the increased activity from spirit and space dudes while others spill their milk in horror at the mere mention of it. Then there are folks who simply don’t buy into any of it for a host of legitimate and viable reasons and that is cool to.

The signs of warning and of the era we live are everywhere to behold and consistent with sacred teachings from dogmas and ideological principle around the globe. It does not take a Rhodes Scholar or doctorate in theology to establish true spirituality and a direct link to the Creator either. Just walk your talk within your tradition, dogma or ideological principle and you will have all the tools you need to survive this time of change. Hopefully you would also gain a practical understanding of the so-called supernatural and get over it. It does not matter what plain any spirit comes from, they are either good or yokels from evil. Spirits are spirits whether they come from the spirit-world, Andromeda or Exeter England. They’re either cool or not, plain and simple.

Just remember; the spirit-world and spirits or demons mentioned in sacred stories did not just up and go away. They are very much alive causing crappola just like in those old sacred stories. It’s not just bad spirits of biblical flare but bad spirits from all dogmas of the universe that are flatulating in the elevator of life. There are bad spirits floating around all over the place interfacing with our plain of existence and they are doing a bang up job of it to. By the same token, good spirits are also out there ready to interface with us provided you know how to recognize the good ones from the bad. This is when you should consult your dogma or ideological principle because it tells you how to differentiate between the two within your tradition. In my tradition I place bad spirits in the same category as a hemorrhoid since they are both such a pain in the ass. Fear is the last thing I show them and I don’t kiss ass. And it’s an on going battle these days, holay.

People who don’t have a clue how to act with spirits, spooks or alien dudes when they come calling are toast and prone to whacking their kids, friends and the ice cream guy because a ‘voice’ or some stellar dork told them to do so. People really need to pay attention to their sacred works or ideological principle since all the answers dealing with the paranormal and spirit stuff is written for all to see. As humanity races to the end of this celestial cycle the paranormal interface will increase a thousand fold and the daily news will get more bazaar as people go off the deep end. The spirit-war has begun to spill onto our plain of existence and it will soon be hard to ignore as man battles demons within their souls. The ‘voices’ will march people to their doom on an individual basis taking the innocent with them in this arcane blood letting. There are no secrets within the confines of the spirit-world so the darkest of secrets and desires are known to all. Bad spirits can easily find the right buttons to push to manipulate us into something stupid if we let them.

So if a space dude or some apparitious being popped into your living room and declared they are your G*D or something else lame tell them to take a hike and pass you an RC Cola. You can’t put a spirit or being of any kind on a pedestal just because they are spirits no matter how many ashtrays they float around. You have a tradition that taught you how to deal with them, provided you are paying attention so use the medicine your dogma gave you. The secret to surviving the time of change is a spiritual one and the universal message from all the ancients is, “get your act together”. The key is knowing which spirits are cool and which ones are buttheads no matter where they come or what parlor trick they pull off. Remember that fear is the fuel that powers the bad guys and evil spirits always want you to kiss their ass and they can lie like a politician, hooky smokes Bullwinkle. But if you’re already down on your dogma, then you’re cool eh.

Your Devil’s Advocate

















When Technology Finally Bids Us Adieu

It is not a matter of ‘if’ technology will slip from our grasp but ‘when’ since it is only a matter of time. With ever increasing and more virulent solar flares coming towards earth there is no question power grids and frail electronics will soon be compromised. It may be for days or weeks at first but ultimately it will be years before the sun begins to stabilize. Months ago NASA scientists issued a red flag of concern about the possibility that technology would be our societal Achilles tendon since the sun entered a new phase never before witnessed. Well at least by these guys anyway. According to visions and prophecies by dogmas and ideological principles from throughout the universe this is just one aspect of change mankind will experience. But it’s a good one and the ramifications are endless.

The earth’s magnetosphere is also pulling vanishing acts of its own during extreme solar flares gives us the opportunity for a perfect radiological storm. The disappearance of the magnetosphere during solar events allows extreme levels of solar and cosmic radiation to permeate our atmosphere and ultimately the earths crust. The Fukushima radiological disaster has already offered up a new round of cancers that will soon plague mankind, which should be a no brainer from a scientific point of view. Chernobly and other less known radiological events have increased levels of ambient radiation ever since man opened the proverbial nuclear can of worms back in the 40’s. With all this current and available data it is funny, in a dark way; the World Health Organization has failed to make mention about the increased worldwide cancer risk from all these radiological events. It would appear the WHO only caters to the whims of pharmaceutical companies and the nuclear industry rather than the concerns of the people. Maybe when a chemical company invents a potentially profitable pill for cosmic, solar and manmade radiation exposure they will address this increased cancer risk issue but that’s another story. And it’s a dozy eh…

Anywayzzzz, solar flares will eventually turn our expensive electronic gadgets into curious useless paper weights for the most part. Our fancy big screen TV’s will be nice picture frames and people will have to relearn the use of a slide rule for mathematical equations so in a way it will be a good thing. We’ve grown to co-dependant on gadgets and gizmos to do our thinking rendering us battery operated and stupid as a culture. Technology has been a boon in some ways and a bust in others educationally speaking. So I look to the pending solar disasters as a blessing since people will have to use their brains, for a change. Granted I will be stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars of useless digital audio and video equipment and my fancy electronically co-dependant car will no longer function. Tragedy will strike my household because Spell-check will be a thing of the past and I will be forced to relearn the use of a pencil or pen, oh the horror. I had better stock up on erasers and paper if I plan to chronicle mankind’s reemergence. But in reality I doubt I will have the time since I will be busy smoking meat and preserving food stuffs. The good part is the fact it will be hunting season year round and I know the woods quite well.

I can also brain tan so I guess I would eventually have to replace my color coded BVD’s with elk skin skivvies and I will not make them with a flashlight holder in the front either. I never used that silly little door anyway so what’s the point eh? Maybe I’ll just wear a loin cloth like my ancestors did. Then all I have to do is pull the curtain, taa daa! The boys will enjoy the fresh air and new found freedom so there is a bright side to all this. I doubt Tyvek or other radiological contamination resistant materials would be readily available anyway. The hides I would procure would be tainted with years of exposure to alpha, beta and gamma rays already and so would be the meat. We’ve been exposed to radiation and other toxic chemicals in our food chain already so what’s a few more RAD’s. Course the absence of rBGH will be a Godsend since I could possibly loose some weight without the presents of fat retaining hormones in my vittles. I could even hunt in the evenings since the elk and moose would glow in the dark. This is sounding better and better. I wonder how my vintage Cabernet Sauvignon will taste with a hint of cesium, hmm.

Guess I’ll have to resort to Ginger the Wonder Horse for transportation but we both could use the exercise anyway. I’ve used pack animals in the past and I venture to say I will use pack animals during heavy solar event days, weeks or years, just depends I guess. For people around the globe who faced floods, winter storms and other events that destroyed power grids, they already know the frailties of our technologically co-dependant society. The Amish people would be role models and the homeless of today would be ahead of the curve. As for the indigenous populations who’ve been colonized and relegated to reserves not much would change since we were left out of the technological loop anyway. Maybe someone will send a note telling us the world ended or something for life would not change much on the rez.

Gads, so much for my power tools in the garage. But I already made preparations for that since I did manage to collect a wide variety of hand tools and I’m quite capable of using them. That is provided I don’t kick the bucket from cancer by my exposure to ambient radiation. Which reminds me, what will happen to all the nuclear reactors when the power grid is shut down? Sadly there will be cooling issues that can’t be addressed by simpler technology. All their fancy electronic gadgets will go kaput and pandemonium will most likely ensue. I venture to say meltdowns will become common place and occur around the globe further increasing the levels of ambient radiation. By the way, there is no such thing as a safe level of radiation and existing levels of ambient radiation are most likely the root cause of a host of new and improved cancers we are experiencing these days. Oh well, so I will also glow in the dark. At least I will not need batteries.

Radiation is only one of the issues that will soon plague mankind, err, already plagues mankind. There are other issues that will make this somewhat mot by comparison but if you paid attention to your respective dogma or ideological principle you would already know my words. So my advice is to prepare within your tradition or respective ideology since we are in the midst of change as we speak. In one dogma it was said within their sacred text that change would come like thieves in the night. And if you were actually paying attention you would discover someone has already rummaged through your underwear drawer. Just remember that these solar flares will soon be a pocks to modern technology but other catastrophic events are sure to follow during this era we live. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

















Things to do During the End of the World, May 21st

It’s May 21st and to some this will mark the end of the world. Well, I had better put on my End O the World Boxers. Nothing worst then being caught with color coded underwear in an accident or ‘the end of the world’ I always say. It seems like a nice day and I have to shoot some film anyway so maybe I’ll catch the final moments of earth since my camera will be up and running. But there is a problem though, who will watch my film after we are all gone?

From the Mayan perspective we are already nearing the end of a cycle but not the ‘end of the world’. In fact from many dogmatic perspectives we simply are coming to an end of cycles but the ‘end of the world’ was not mentioned. Funny how within the very faith some bonehead proclaims to profess ‘the end of the world’ there is a passage about this time of change, “The meek shall inherit the earth”. Hmm, how can the meek inherit the earth if the world ended? Maybe he spilled coffee on that page of his sacred book or something.

Oh well, it is not my place to judge and if it’s the end of the world for him and his follower then so be it. As for me, I’m going to load up my equipment, join my film crew and do some interviews with a group of humanitarians, eat some chow and possibly have a couple of brews, Canadian of course. Then if the ‘end of the world’ happens to arise I’ll cancel my other projects and watch the show. After all, I will have a front row seat if everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

From my tribal tradition, there is no end of the world but it is imperative that we seek out our own spirituality for our covenant with the Creator is a personal one. The key to surviving this time of change is to maintain our connection within our respective dogma and have absolute faith. Though my people believe we will face many tribulations during this time of change, ‘the end of the world’ is not one of them. Maybe my ancestors spilled coffee on their oral traditions but I doubt it since their prophecies have been right on course since time immemorial.

But in a lemming society people will follow rather than seek out the truth for themselves. It really does not matter which dogma or ideological principle one follows since the answers to surviving any obstacle or challenge on earth, spirit world or space is written in black and white or carved in stone. Within my tradition we believe the Creator sent many messengers throughout the universe to teach of right and wrong, good and evil and other moral principles for man to imbibe in during their stay on earth or other celestial body life exists on. And it is up to us to have the ability to recognize the right messenger that would come to warn us of any impending danger that lies before mankind. But that is up to the individual to discern within their respective dogmas and it is not my place to force my tradition on others. Besides, my dogma is relatively boring by western standards since we don’t have flashy TV shows and other goodies like that. We just pray, walk in a good way and follow our hearts and spirits.

For that matter, many people don’t realize nor pay attention to their respective dogmas or ideological principle for they don’t recognize the signs that were given. In any event this should be a warning to everyone that it is up to the individual to seek out the truth and not listen to some bonehead rather than read their sacred texts or oral traditions. Spirituality is a universal concept and not relegated to one specific dogma or ideological principle. One must be honest to them selves and not be influenced by mere mortals who proclaim they are the ultimate source of knowledge of dogmatic truth. Cutting off my testicles and hopping a comet is not in my equation either, remember Heavens Gate? Besides, I’ve grown fond of the boys and parting would be such sorrow eh. I am comfortable within my dogma and I don’t need some dork breathing down my neck telling me what G*D said since I dial direct and cut out the middleman. And I think you should do the same, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate


















The Day To Day Battle with Bonehead Spirits

If you were paying attention to your respective dogma or ideological principle you would already know that we are surrounded by many different beings or spirits. Reams of sacred texts have taught how people coped with spirits that influenced their lives over the years. For the most part these restless souls are still wandering around within the confines of the spirit-world kicking over garbage cans. Granted there are many more apparitious dudes floating around and some of them are not so cool. If you paid attention to your sacred texts or oral traditions these dorks are actually no biggie and a simple request or prayer will whisk these buttheads of the dark out of your hair.

It does not really matter which dogma you follow since they all speak about these minions and how to cope with them so it should be a no brainer. Unfortunately many people continue to walk this duel life where spirits or ghosts don’t exist yet they claim to be devout followers of their respective dogmas. Now really, how far beyond stupid is that eh? The cold hard fact of the matter is, spirits exist and always have existed since before your dogma was ever written. The only real difference between us and spirit is that sack of meat we lug around called the body. Other than that, we are spirits in every respect and whence we kick the proverbial bucket we will be floating around doing what spirits do. Hopefully you don’t decide to pushing ashtrays around and terrorize your widow. But if that’s your choice then so be it. But I believe there is a protocol within all dogma’s that guide you through the routine after you leave life on earth so maybe its time to pay attention.

Frankly I find any and all parlor games some rapacious spirits like to pull off quite lame and I am not impressed one iota. Give me a break, so you’re dead but that does not give you license to barge into my pad and screw with my sleep or move my furniture around. Moving chairs is just plain stupid for a spirit to do in my opinion. Why the hell would these boneheads waste their time trying to freak me out anyway? If they really wanted to do something they could clean out my fridge or water the horses but waking me up at odd hours of the night just pisses me off and they don’t get the response they were looking for. Fact is, a person should never be brow beaten by any spirit no matter how ugly they try to make themselves. I prefer to whisk the air around them while showing them the door since I have no use for these foolish apparitions. I could give a flying crappola about their threats either and I’ve been given all kinds of threats by these goons of darkness in the past. They don’t have power unless you feed them with your fear, plain and simple.

Oh they will rush up to you with some hideous looking face they contorted to freak you out but that’s all they really can do unless you play into the fear factor. But if you stand your ground, even if you’re freaking, they will eventually leave you along since you did not feed into their B.S. After all, bad or lame spirits feed on fear and that is what gives them power, just remember that. But your respective dogma will provide you the necessary tools to cope with these butt-cracks of the hereafter provided you are paying attention. Within my tradition we don’t give these crumbs an inch since they will take a mile if you let them and fear is their primary objective. It is not to say I would not get startled but who wouldn’t if someone or something tried to spook you in the dark. But once I get my bearings I am chasing them around with a broom just to screw with them and they don’t like that at all. As far as I’m concerned, they were punks and sidewalk commandos in life and they still are punks in death. Besides, they were too stupid to continue their journey and chose to hang out here. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

The big deal about coping with spirits, especially at this juncture in time, is the fact the spirit-world is interfacing with our plain of existence more and more. People are doing some lame things these days and its all about those “voices in their heads” gawd. Those voices are them butthead spirits telling people to toss Joey in the oven or whack their spouse’s heads off. Within my tradition we already know the shroud of evil has descended on humanity. Deception and greed has become the order of the day where humanity is of minor consequence and regardless of how bad this is, it’s only a sign of bigger things to come. The reality is the fact man’s nonsense will soon be washed away as people struggle to survive natural events rendering man’s influence only to a pimple on an elephant’s ass by comparison. We may think we are struggling now but in the future this will be a fond memory.

My people embrace this time of change since we’ve lived in squalor for generations, well after my people were colonized and placed in reservations that is. For us indigenous types this time of change is liberation from hundreds of years of lies and broken promises. You guys only get play in this fetid crappola for the next few years, so you lucked out in a way. And I don’t want to receive any hate mail telling me how prejudice I am with white people because I have a ton of nonnative friends I work with in the entertainment industry. The message of change and spirituality is a universal message for all of humanity and not relegated just to us red guys. We are not privy to this time of change; it’s just that this axiom was never removed from out tradition.

Charlemagne and his minions made sure all you Euro dudes lost your ancient traditions and in a way he was Europe’s General Armstrong Custer for all the death and destruction Charlemagne and his lineage bestowed on those who did not pray his way, what a spaz. And they called him the great builder of Europe, paleeze. Hmm, come to think of it why is it when I mention my indigenous history people get the red ass and tell me that I should be more kind and sensitive about it? There is nothing sensitive about what happened to my people since it was wholesale genocide, rape and torture and there is no kind way to describe a holocaust either. Unfortunately this was committed by Europeans and their descendants so there is no way to gently unmask this reality. There, I vented…

I still think spirits from the Creator have a great sense of humor since, for what ever reason, they chose me to be one of the many messengers preparing man for the time of change. Believe me, I did not choose this job since I was perfectly happy being a goon in my corrupt little world shaking down creeps, pushing my weight around and doing wheel stands with my 53’ Panhead. But nooooooo, here I am warning people of impending danger and asking them to seek out their own spirituality within their respective dogmas in order to survive the times that lay ahead. In a way there is consolation though, it was also prophesized many people would not heed my ramblings or that of their respective religious icons so if you don’t buy into my stuff, oh well, ain’t no skin off my nose but at least I did give you a heads up.

I am just not the fluffy messenger with trumpets playing and all that. I’m just a crusty old native guy with a salty disposition and a chip on my shoulder who could give a flying crappola what people think since I really don’t care. Just remember that spirits are on the prowl and the secret to dealing with them and the time of change is written within your scared texts, I know because I even read it. Maybe you should read your sacred texts; it may save your life in more ways than one. Now was that fluffy or what?

Your Devil’s Advocate



































 Oops  they are already here! Mork! Their new g*ds :(

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