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Story Structure Using Real Prophecies? :) Not Fairy Tales!



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Eugenics, by Another Word

aaasraweGive Ebola a welcome round of applause boys and girls for she has made her dazzling debut in America. But Ebola has some very stiff competition to face both nationally and internationally. Monsanto is killing people every day in every continent on Planet Stupid with their toxic crops of death. Even corporations are killing thousands of people a year for their land and natural resources. more »











GMO or No GMO Chased with a Cesium Spritzer – Life in the Contamination Nation

me-and-murray 1So now everyone has their diapers in a bunch over GMO glow in the dark foods and the funny lumps they leave. But what about the biggest problem I have with GMO creatures, its flavor? Surely Dr. Johnny Protractor could have tossed in a few zesty & flavorful genetic mutations into that giant, but bitter, peach they engineered. GMO fruits and veggies just taste lousy. Like my 86 year old mother says, “It almost tastes like real food”, but like they say, ‘almost only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades’. Then there is our alternative, Organic/Natural, but at $3.10 an orange you better be prepared to eat the skins, seeds and the organic grocery bag it came in. more »











Earth Change Round-up

From all corners of the planet change is upon us. Prophecies are coming to pass on such a grand scale it is no longer a question of IF change will come but where these changes will fester next. From the physical plane to the spiritual one, all of humanity is under siege and like a prophetic ancient writing cautioned; “Those days will come like a thief in the night”. Hmm, do you hear someone rummaging through your underwear drawer?

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Time of Change, Technology and Other Stuff

Contrary to popular belief Technology as we know it will eventually be sporadic if not totally out of service as we enter the new cycle. Empires built on foundations of sand will topple as mankind scrambles to rediscover older technologies just to sustain the basics of infrastructure. In the meantime pandemonium will replace civil society as fortunes are lost and there is nothing in the universe that will alter this destiny. I don’t think it will be forever but it will be long enough to completely alter mankind’s fetid journey. In essence we will reap what we have sown and it’s not going to be pretty.

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Ramblings of an Aboriginal Doomsday Prepper

What do natives say about the time of change at a social? Umm, well actually we don’t say much since we already know the story and how it will end. We do share encounters & visions and laugh at the stupidity of intelligent people who completely ignore all the ‘in your face’ signs though. But we are saddened by fellow natives who threw away their traditions to walk the dark road with other mislead people for ego and material wealth. What are they thinking? You must admit it is quite laughable for Christians, Jews and other dogmatic people to completely ignore prophecies from their very own sacred books, scrolls and etchings forged in stone. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion; you know it’s going to crash but are powerless to stop it. more »





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Little Running Deer on May 17th, 2015


I was over visiting my older Blog ‘ Redwood Forest at Word Press!’ Gads! The once just concern about a beautiful forest? That turned into a collection of News about this New World Odor of creepy sick freaks that rape, murder, babies , children and young women! To some space guy in a space ship that they call their g*d. Then they cook the babies bodies in the church kitchen to eat for lunch every day! Ewwwww These are our World Leaders?????? Ugly News But Pedophiles Must Be Stopped ! Part 5: Pedophile News: People Of TRUST? Not Any More!!!!!! Not Ever!    LOL what a beautiful Blog painted picture of this World Today! How do we carry on? But How can we not? Art, Music, Gardening are the buffers we have to keep our minds on solid ground , plus the knowledge that this will all come to an end .



Broad Coalition forms to stop papal visit to America

A Global Media Advisory : Breaking News – May 22, 2015

Police will be asked to enforce arrest warrant against Jorge Bergoglio

New York City:

A Coalition to Stop Vatican Crimes is forming to oppose the visit of Pope Francis to America this September.

The Coalition will seek to prevent the admission of the Pope, Jorge Bergoglio, on to American soil because of his complicity in crimes against humanity and human rights violations in Argentina. Police in New York City and Washington will be asked by the Coalition to enforce a standing citizen’s arrest warrant issued against Bergoglio in 2013 by a common law court in Brussels.

The Coalition includes human rights groups, victims of catholic church crimes, and First Amendment Rights activists across America.

“We’re horrified that the United States Congress has invited a convicted felon and the head of a child trafficking syndicate to speak to it” said Nick O’Brien, an organizer with the Coalition.    .

“Besides, has the Obama administration forgotten that under the first amendment, Congress is prohibited from showing favouritism to any religious denomination – let alone the most violent religion in human history?”

Pope Francis is scheduled to speak at the United Nations, and then to a joint session of the United States Congress on September 24.

The Coalition will seek both legal avenues and political lobbying to stop the Pope’s visit, along with direct non-violent action at the United Nations and in Washington DC during the papal visits there.

Coalition organizers are mounting a broad public education campaign prior to its fall actions.

To join or assist the Coalition, contact it through its affiliate and funding body, The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), at .

For more information on the criminal complicity of Jorge Bergoglio and the Vatican, see .

Issued 22 May 2015

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Clean Water!


Fresh water is one of our most vital resources, and when our water is polluted it is not only devastating to the environment, but also to human health.














Clean Fresh air impoverishes the doctor.
























clean air consumable











Top 22 Benefits of Trees | TreePeople


Trees clean the air. Trees absorb … the tiniest urban lot. Aside from fruit for humans, trees provide food for birds and wildlife. … neighborhoods. All cultures, ages, and genders have an important role to play at a tree planting or tree care event.










Why Is Global Environmental Health Important?

Clean air, water, plants, and food supplies are essential for our personal health and wellbeing. The relationship between the environment and humanity is one of interdependence—each affects the other. Therefore, just as our actions and choices affect the environment, the health of the planet  influences our own personal health and wellbeing, as well as our communities, families, and economies.








Five Basic Survival Needs of Human Beings – Bright Hub › … › Environmental Science › Animal Behavior

Oct 8, 2014 – This list of basic human survival needs includes five items: Oxygen, Water, Food … In order to best prepare yourself for the unpredictable, it is important to have a …. The truth is, there are only five basic needs; Clean Air, Water, ..







Why is it important to protect drinking water? – Louisiana ……/Whyisitimportanttoprotectdrinkingw…


It makes up approximately 70% of the human body’s weight and plays a role in its functions, such as digestion and cooling. Without clean drinking water, we …







Environment and Health – The Hastings Center…/Detail.asp…

The Hastings Center

The interactions between the environment and human health raise complex ethical … will become increasingly important as the environmental impacts of human … to sustain life: clean air, potable water, nutritious food, and safe places to live.
















Our Food and Gardens




















Without clean air, we have nothing | Luce Irigaray and … › Opinion › Pollution

The Guardian

Mar 17, 2014 – Is clean air, along with drinkable water, becoming one of the most … that of a living being, standing naked in the garden that the earth is. … And consequently, it appears to be a basic crime against humanity to contribute to air pollution. … If we lack the air necessary for a healthy life (or, indeed, for any kind of …






Stewardship in an age of crisis

Botanists have identified more than 400,000 species of plants worldwide.5 However,

We may lose 2/3 of plant species by the end of the century.

  • approximately 34,000 are threatened at present6

  • two-thirds of the world’s plant species are in danger of extinction during the course of the 21st century3


  • of the 20,000 known plant species in the United States, more than 200 had already vanished by the end of the 20th century; and another 600 to 700 are in imminent jeopardy10



The Weight of a Petal: The Value of Botanical Gardens

by HB Rinker – ‎Cited by 5 – ‎Related articles

Although botanical gardens are important for preservation of rare plants, they can also … contribute to the health of ecosystems; sustain us by giving us food, … Such settings may even appeal to a genetic memory of humanity’s remote …. clean air and water; nitrogen cycling; decomposition; erosion control; climate stability.








Atomic Bomb-making Wastes Threaten Missouri Neighborhood

Living On Earth

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Protest sign in the area around the West Lake landfill in St. Louis (Photo: Center for Health, Environment and Justice)

The toxic waste disaster at Love Canal, New York, sparked the landmark Superfund legislation to clean up poisonous waste sites. Lois Gibbs, a leader in the effort to organize Love Canal residents is now working with families near a landfill site in St. Louis where radioactive leftovers from the atom bomb program in WW2 are buried. The site is associated with elevated rates of rare cancers. A fire in a nearby landfill fire threatens to spread to the radwaste site, and the community is demanding evacuation. Host Steve Curwood discusses the situation Lois Gibbs.
























































































Carlos TheZilla published an article on WordPress.

Mother Earth Flushing the Toilet: Sea Level Rise Rates Are Speeding Up, New Research Shows

Mother Earth Flushing the Toilet: Sea Level Rise Rates Are Speeding Up, New Research Shows