We Are All One – An Inspiring Short Film To Watch

This incredible short film shares an Indigenous Native American Prophecy that links all of life and the future of our planet. “Thus he learned that there are spirits in the…

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Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tourism & Recreation uploaded a new video: OKNativeTravel.

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Visit www.OKNativeTravel.com ; This is a collaborative partnership with the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), and Seminole Nation.











 This Pope says he planned this as a final step to depopulate Mother Earth!

So they minted a coin in his honor:(





5 Most Powerful Families That Secretly Control The World
























Of Epic Proportions | Playing With Fire








Huge Natural Gas Explosion Across Highway 77 in Sissonville West Virginia







 Explaining what is going on or trying to , to the newcomer. It is so crazy it is almost like reading a book of weird  horror fiction!


 We Can Change The Whole Worlds Movie by Thinking With Our Hearts, and Just In How We Live Our Personal Lives, If Full Of Happiness And Joy?

Yes ! The Answer Is To Remember Who You Are? kind, compassion :)

&… Interview …. 1:00…. Very Interesting:) Think with Heart only!  Not thinking with brain and gut or just about experiences in life or about  plotted out religions, the causes of anger and rage? The Wars  and Chaos are started by bad spirits the Elite worship, because it is a sacrifice on earth as an alter to themselves?  The moaning of pain and screams of human mankind dying , turns these false g*ds on? Can you believe that? As sick as it is……. it fits with the sickness of it all:( Then these Elite sacrifice of babies and children, even young women is the same ritual to their fake g*ds,  after raping  these youth:(






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The Elite Have Prepared For The Coming Collapse – Have You?

And why did they start dumping stocks like crazy earlier this year?










 Mother Earth is Sick and Tired Of This Alright But Waits For Her Signal From Her Creator? He made Her Independent so He may be waiting for Her signal, as She knows just how much She can tolerate! In Cleaning Her House Once and For All! What a beautiful Free Gift She Gave Us All!


As we know, Mother Earth is tired. She can no longer give us the breath of life as she once did. We, who are her children, haven’t done our part in giving her the love and honor she truly deserves.

It seems we are in the beginning stages of a world wide drought. Among other prophecies of nature, this is one of the reasons why we have a new feeling of impending doom on a daily basis. Our senses tell us that she has had enough. We will all experience tough love in one way or another when Mother Earth cleanses itself.

All people have the choice to walk the black road or the good red road. There are many who don’t know about these two roads. They are a balancing part of the sacred circle of life, which separates the 4-quarters of earth and the universe. When the fourth assent is completed and the buffalo falls, those who have chosen the path of the good red road will shed no tears. This is because they will know that they will be witness to even greater events to follow.

In the early days, many of the American Indians of this continent were killed. Then, a fresh new government wanted to continue, to exterminate us all. But our great father above, who we also call the Great Spirit, did not let it continue.

Our Creator of all living things knew that the day would come when the input of the true natives of this land would be at its highest value.

I write this to honor the sacred.
I write this today because a tomorrow is never promised.
I write this because all of you are special.
I write this because I have heard the whispers of a stone.

All my relations,


Charles Littleleaf Native American Flutes's photo.



Eagles can live 70 years but at 40 years old they have to do a redo change over, to live another 30 years!

shared Sameer Bhatia‘s video.

I was happy to see you touching on the cultures of the people who knew how to take care of this land and water of Mother Earth.

Their knowledge and languages was stripped away from them. Becoming a white man they lost their way:( “Yes, those with Indigenous hearts know that when one strips away the
testosterone and bravado of militarism, that fuels the patrimony, what
is left is the real spirit of the people
– the Founding Mothers. Indigenous cultures are generally founded on a
matriarchal reverence, and equity between the genders. To the degree
that this has been lost, we have genuinely begun to acculturate. But it
was done in the name of self defense against a brutal and savage
patriarchy that would have exterminated us all to complete genocide. It
is, however, not too late to return to the balance, and once again
revere our Founding Mothers. While per force they have generally
remained nameless, they are reflected in the faces of all our mothers,
sisters & daughters”. Gochine.

But The Real History has completely disappeared from the schools and books, to cover up all the children, young women rapes and murders of all the trafficking rings up to this every day! . All the horrible Crimes Against Humanity! The Black Pope was even invited to speak in the usa this September 2015:( The Head of the Ninth Circle Satanic Ritual Murdering Ring, so babies blood can be drunk by the Popes:( Oh yes the dark ages are still here…… The Golden Bough unabridged:(

Stop the Convicted Criminal Jorge Bergoglio!

Stop the Convicted Criminal Jorge Bergoglio! Posted on
March 29, 2015 WANTED For Crimes against Humanity, Child Trafficking,
complicity in torture and murder in Argentina, and presiding over …

Native women, children, and unfortunately even babies
are being trafficked in the sex trade on freighters crossing the
Canadian and U.S. border on Lake Superior…

RE: Broad Coalition forms to stop papal visit to America

“We’re horrified that the United States
Congress has invited a convicted felon and the head of a child
trafficking syndicate to speak to it” said Nick O’Brien, an organizer
with the Coalition.

All the mass graves of children that were murdered in the name of pagan gods at prison camp religious schools. They started all the methods here in the usa. Hitler copied the usa and used it in his Camps:(

The Blankets loaded with Small Pox to wipe out whole Tribes and Nations:(

The cutting down and burning of trees and wild food plants. The
murdering of herds of Buffalo and other wild game to delete all the
food off the land.

I have held back in commenting to just control my tongue over this massive land grab by fake Royals. Funny an out of wedlock child being crowned king 500 years ago, starts a massive land grab thousands of miles away from where the OT History Stories were spoken of:(

Now today these same family line of fake Royals are treating all the races in the same manner,with their destruction of this Land in poisoning of all the Foods GMOs, Air and Drinking water:( Welcome to the New prison camp / Reservations!

Yes, it is time to awaken to learn how to take care of Mother Earth.


Wow !!!!!! I am seeing a New World Odor, blame the people, for Big Business Pollution via Strip mining, Clear cutting, Oil spills / Leaking pipe lines, Nuclear waste, It is The People that are hurting Nature says Agenda 21 and not their Big Businesses. So Keep only the Children under Prince William Rule not the Adults? As the World is over populated. Say the Pedophilia – of the London England and Vatican Ninth Circle Satanic Cult ruling class. What a Snow Job!

Saw they have a new Film, a story that showed the NWO sign all over the front of the cover? the Reborn Heroes? HEROES REBORN | Official Trailer……..LUCIFER ………
Beware! Be Careful!

Or Second Draft?

Wow! The New World Odor is passing the buck on to the people/ adults for the Crimes Against Grand Mother Earth! The are blaming them for what the Big Businesses have done: Strip Mining, Mountain Top Mining,  Clear Cutting of Forests,  Nuclear Waste, Oil spills, Pipe Line Leaks, Fracking,  Pollution of Mother Earth. That the Earth is over populated with Adults, say the London England Bankers and Vatican Ninth Circle Satanic Cult pedophile : Symptom of a rampant disease feeding on innocent children, so only save the children under Prince Williams Rule and save Nature ! Agenda 21? What a Snow Job!!!!!!

They are making more of their movies like ……. Heroes Reborn ……


Beware! Be Careful!


Overpopulation Debunked: Every Person in the World Could Fit leaksource.wordpress.com/…/overpopulation-debunked-every-person-in…‎Mar 9, 2013 – There are approximately 6 billion people in the world and there is 2.97 million acre block of land and they would all fit into an area the size of Australia. half the size of Queensland left over, plus the entire rest of the world. …. RT @xor:




Now What Are Greedy Men of  The New World Odor Doing To Mother Earth

Movies / Films That Tell The Stories






 That the NWO is spreading out to cause Chaos and Wars with in each Country for the final population controlled  genocide ?

EU FAIL: We Must Be Mad to Risk Allowing Jihadists On Our Soil – Nigel Farage MEP – They Are Pouring in!









The message at the cross road of this aeon from Floyd Red Crow.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xe346hROnE

PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE watch this everyone, this has to be one of the best messages ever. This man is a descendant of mine from the time before this but an Elder now. This wisdom runs through my being. He said Columbus started the TRUE First world war, God that is so true. They reduced Native American Indians from 60 million to 800,000, this is their goal today with us the original carbon man (population control). Water was sacred then and you could drink from any river, now the closest I have is blessed energized crystals in my Kangen Alkaline water, it is not the same as the river (This is why the first evil act is to poison the water, Africa, Haiti and the crap that comes out of our taps). As he said if you are not spiritually connected to the Earth you may not make it. The spirit world is very real and yes it is everything. The reason for the stories of the Tree of life, Tree of knowledge, Buddha sitting under a tree is because of the interconnecting force/chi/prana/sekhem that is in breath/air from God. The right and slow breath into your diaphragm will feed your inner tree of life. Yes, we must plant trees, real trees not FARMVILLE TREES. The tree shares vital energy with us. I show the tree my love all the time by meditating under it and hugging it like I do with friends and family, yet the tree gives me vital breath and don’t judge me like that friend or family. Everything is spirit and we must know our Tru.I.Self.
God Knowledge to us throughout the ages.












 To continue on to what we may need to do for ourselves …….. No ,no one is going to come to do it for you! Unless you believe their lies about being safe in their prison camps:(   Sigh! A repeat in Hitlers Camps:(










































So Let us begin!

Clearly Filtered has a very fine filter that removes more then the regular water filters.








 They even have filters that covers filtering radiation.






























































Meet the GroundFridge. Modern day technology combined with a traditional root cellar to create a practical and beautiful well designed way to keep food fresh. Temperatures in the GroundFridge remain a cool 50 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, year round. The design is so simple, all you need is to dig a hole, place the unit in the ground and recover with earth. You can even plant a garden on the top and around the sides if you like the decorative landscape, and double the use by planting fruits and veggies.

















This is one of the first real-world design improvements on the old fashioned root cellar traditional farms used.






HUTCHISON effect: Solid Iron Bar begins to liquify. Metal Mutation.









free energy now rocks simple and fun

John Hutchison


John Hutchison

Tesla s radiant energy device works great! woo hoo

John Hutchison


John Hutchison

Build a Wimshurst generator for energy

When you attach different sized pulleys with belts you can get spin ratios such that one rotation on one pulley will cause 45 rotations on another.These dynamic ratios create such spin that when you spin magnets around coiled copper, you can get…

offgridquest.com|By David









Open Source Plans for Modern Tesla Free Energy Generator Released to Public

‘This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for…







For a cloudy day when your solar system isn’t keeping up, hook up to your battery bank, and go to work!

K-tor Power Box 20 Watt Pedal Generator, Emergency Charger, Any Portable Devices Charger, Can…

The Power Box is a pedal generator that can be used with your legs or arms. It generates electricity as you pedal, like on a stationary bicycle. Charge the…








































Pedal Powered PTO



Linda Holliday lives in the Missouri Ozarks where she and her husband formed Well WaterBoy Products, a company devoted to helping people live more self-sufficiently off grid with human power, and invented the WaterBuck Pump.   

via Mother Earth News



Portable woodstove folds down, heats up tents, yurts & tiny homes

Camping often means getting comfortable with bugs, sleeping bags, temperamental weather and other joys of the outdoors. But besides building a…

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Adam, Jason and Pete build a home for less than $50,000






Watch This Guy Build An Amazing Shelter In The Woods Using Only Dirt, Trees, & Rocks

In our modern culture it’s rare to find many individuals with the knowledge to survive well should they find themselves lost in the woods or in need of survival…



Building a primitive wattle and daub hut from scratch





 Respect Wild Life

















Traditional Northern Canvas Tipis

Canvas tipi (or teepee) tent lining made in the Northwest Territories Canada. These tents are not your novelty product, they are made to withstand the bone chilling arctic climate. Available a number of assorted sizes from 8 to 22 feet wide.

Product #

This tent is made with 10oz treated canvas that is both flame and mildew resistant. On the bottom of the canvas is a sod cloth barrier that hugs the ground to keep out cold drafts.

Manufactured at the Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas shop in the Northwest Territories.

If you are looking for a real authentic traditional tipi, you have come to the right place.

Note: tipi does not ship with poles.

Available in sizes ranging from 8′ to 22′ wide. Order your own traditional canvas tipi now!

Build your own custom canvas tipi and order online now, or directly from Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas.

Product Options

Price: from $432.81
































































This is a partially under ground home that supplies everything you could need built in. Cool!


‘Earthships New Solutions’ Official Trailer











Water! Boiled/ Filtered /



 Not a plastic bag?

























shared Wimp.com‘s photo.

Unique billboard technology makes safe drinking water out of air

Click here to see the awesome invention in action: http://www.wimp.com/potablewater/







Where and how to find water

From the News desk of Ann Little Running Deer

Clean Water

When you don’t have a beautiful clean lake or river to get your water from, where do you find water?

The solar still only takes about an hour to build. If constructed correctly, it can yield about a litre (quart) of water a day.

A baggy, careful do not make any tears in it, tied on a sunny tree branch. With one side of bag hanging lower, to catch the water from the leaves that is made by the sun. Makes a great drink of fresh water!


Catching rain water? [ Different today with fiber and heavy metals from our sprayed skies:( Bummer! ] Off your clean tent is another way. Wait until after first start of rain, as it washes sky, before collecting the water.

I was able to find under ground running water with a small forked willow branch. The magnetic field pull, would rip the small branch out of my hands as it twisted down  pointing to water…...Ann

Note: I forgot about the number of steps you count off  from  first pull to when it points straight down.  It tells  you how many inches or feet the water is below the surface.

Listen for running water in woods / fields

Boil the running water you find.

A Note in boiling water: Use only the top clear water after cooling. That is for real bad water!


Hunter Gather Cook Blog






Filtered Air ! Mask? They claim it has to be a very fine filter, as what they are spraying is smaller then Cigarettes smoke!



Out door Covered or indoor Gardens!
























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 Do you want to know their every dark thought? Every Trick that is up their sleeve?


“Join world class experts as they connect the dots on advanced technology, missing money, the breakaway civilization and ET’s.

The weekend of October 31st, you can participate online or in person. Click here to learn more and to access our discounted ticket code. Spread the word!

“Is Congress secretly allocating funds for a Secret Space Program?

What is their goal?

Where are the missing trillions that the Federal Reserve said they couldn’t find??

How does the UFO phenomenon fit in?

Is the Program being developed in underground bases around the globe? Or does it represent something completely alien to human reality?

World Class Speakers

This year’s event will be hosted by top Alternative Media Reporter Daniel Liszt, and will feature stellar live presentations by real experts in the field:

Catherine Austin Fitts, the popular Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, an insider who has followed the money and knows how it works

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, the innovative author of the Giza Death Star Book Series and Oxford Scholar

Linda Moulton Howe, Emmy award winning Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter

and MORE!

Tune in to footage from last year’s conference.”





Little Running Deer on September 28th, 2015

All of You who help Others , you know who you are! Hugs!








Helping Hands!








These two guys turned their van into a mobile laundromat to wash clothes for the homeless


These two guys turned their van into a mobile laundromat to wash clothes for the homeless

The two guys behind Australia’s first mobile washing machines are Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi. The project launched in June, 2014 and is operating 5…









Sharing / Helping others before he pasts away.


Sam Simon, the co-creator of “The Simpsons” is dying of colon cancer and only has months to live. He’s not wasting a single moment, spending his final months giving away most of his fortune to charities that feed the homeless and save animals from being killed in shelters. LIKE and SHARE to give Sam Simon and his family tons of hugs and loving thoughts.










































This man takes a fun idea and uses it to bring food to the homeless in his neighborhood
Man Dresses Up As A Waiter And Feeds Appreciative Homeless People On The Streets.wimp.com




























Jamie Oliver

Here it is guys! I am honestly lost for words and so I’ll let this video do all the talking. Wherever you are in the world Watch it. Sign It. Share It.
Jamie xx ‪#‎foodrevolutionday‬ change.org/jamieoliver

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Amazon Indian and British painter launch worldwide art competition for young artists

Artists Nixiwaka Yawanawá and John Dyer have been collaborating at the Eden Project

survivalinternational.org|By Survival International






Buffalohair: Legendary Burmese Activist/Artist Sitt Nyein Aye Appears in Trinidad / Colorado Art Gallery




Published on Apr 15, 2015

Sitt Nyein Aye at L & L Fine Art Gallery in Trinidad Colorado, preparing, painting and completing a Thingyan Poster for the Sitagu Buddhist Vihara in Austin Texas. Lucky has a large enough space where Sitt could paint this giant poster and was kind enough to allow Sitt to complete this project

















Wednesday May 13, 2015

​Buffy Sainte-Marie: “I don’t believe in burning out”

Yes, Buffy Sainte-Marie told Shad about her new album — but she also weighs in on activism, the oilsands and missing and murdered aboriginal women. LISTEN: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/q/schedule-for-wednesday-may-13-2015-1.3072141/buffy-sainte-marie-i-don-t-believe-in-burning-out-1.3072192


Buffy Sainte-Marie







Little Running Deer on September 28th, 2015

There is this song in my head was it a Disney Movie Tune? The now puppet world leaders singing together and to each other:( Good Bye!…… Good Bye ! ……. Good Bye! ………….. Sound Of Music? And the fake g*ds with a tear in their eye sobbing…………. Good Bye!………. As their world as they knew it, fades away in the memory of their minds! G O O D B Y E !!!!!!






Pope Mario’s Lame Statue of Saint Junipendejo Muerte Serra Vandalized In CA – Canonizing a Sadistic Murderer Has It’s Risks









False Flag News: Pope Mario Throws Weight Behind Iran Nuclear Deal – To Much To Fast, Poorly Scripted and Acted – Over Cooked Phony Baloney Macaroni












RE: “Poverty is not natural. It is “white” man made.”
























Via a GMO Cocktail they drink together or a gas seeping into the large room where they are all gathered? A Real Nap Time for every Puppet Leader of the World ? No Longer Needed by New World Order!








UN-NWO Summit: National Sovereignties Will Be Abolished And Global Governances Will Be Achieved Through The Power Grabbing ‘Sustainable Development’ Scam











































Even For The Puppet Leaders In Burma!      ……….   GOOD   BYE !  Good Bye! ………. Good Bye!

























 Their New World Order Plans At The Moment














































Obama Plan? Or For usa 2050









 I am getting sleepy!


What are your World Plans Looking Like?


 Humans or robots?